20 Biggest Boats In The World

Let's expose the biggest boat ever build as we travel around the world. There are plenty of enormous ships that most of us are unaware. Ever wonder how big they are and how much load it can hold?

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ranked on March 14, 2017

20. Club Med 2

It is one of the largest sailing cruise ships in the world that has a length of 187 m. The ship is a computer operated cruise ship that can carry 386 passengers with a crew of 214.

19. Bu Samra

It is a LNG tanker and has a length of 345 m. It's gross tonnage is 163922 with deadweight of 130442 tonnes.

18. TI Europe

It's a crude oil tanker registered in France. It's length is 379 m, a gross tonnage of 234006 and deadweight of 441893 tonnes.

17. Seawise Giant

The ship has a length of 458.45 m and it is known as the longest ship ever built. It's total gross tonnage is 260,941. It sunk during the Iran–Iraq War but it was repaired and continue to go in service since 2009.

16. CMA CGM Marco Polo

It is the largest container ship in the world with a length of 396 meters. It is registered in United Kingdom built in 2012 and has a gross tonnage of 175343.

15. Prelude FLNG

It is the second and largest floating liquefied natural gas ship that was constructed. It's length is 488 metres and has a full load up to 600,000 tonnes. It was launched on December 2013 in Australia and is still under construction.

14. Pioneering Spirit

It is the largest construction vessel in the world. The ship was layout for the single-lift installation and removal of large oil and gas platforms and the installation of record-weight pipelines. It has a length of 382 m and a gross tonnage of 403,342.

13. Berge Stahl

Berge Stahl was launched on September 1986. It is a bulk carrier that has a length of 342.08 m and has a capacity of 364,767 DWT. The ship was also recognized as the largest and longest carrier in the world when it was launched.

12. MS Vale Brasil

MS Vale Brasil, the largest bulk carrier in the world was also known Vale Brasil. It has a length of 362.0 m which can hold up to a net tonnage of 67,993. It can carry over 11,150 trucks. Seriously, that's a lot of trucks for just one ship.

11. USS Enterprise (CVN-65)

This ship was the world's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier that was launched on September 1960. It has a length of 342 m, and can carry a maximum of 5,828 people. The USS Enterprise or known as the "Big E" created plenty of memories from wars, cruising, transportation and even featured in movies.

10. Q-Max

The Q-Max is a liquefied natural gas carrier and has a capacity of 266,000 m3. The ship has a length of 345 m, height of 34.7 m and 53.8 m wide.

9. Maersk Triple E Class

Maersk Triple E Class is a huge container ship that has a capacity of 18,000 TEU. The ship has a length of 400m and can transport 2,500 more containers. The name Triple E class is a highlight of three design principles which are economy of scale, energy efficient and environmentally improved.

8. RMS Queen Mary 2

The new ship was named by Queen Elizabeth II in 2004 and it cost around £460 million. This ship is used for cruising and operates part of each year.

7. CSCL Globe

A container ship that can carry 187,541 GT and has a length of 400 m. She was the largest container ship when it launched last November 2014.

6. Oasis of the Seas

Oasis of the Seas is owned by Royal Caribbean International. The cruise ship can carry over 6,000 passengers and has a length of 1,186.5 ft. The cruise features a luxurious experience which includes a casino, swimming pools, theme parks, night clubs and many more.

5. Harmony of the Seas

It is one of the largest cruise in the world that can carry a maximum passenger of 6,780. It's length is 362.12 meters and has a gross tonnage of 226,963 GT. Its amenities includes casinos, bars, large swimming pools, basketball court, theaters, cafes, and many more.

4. TI Asia

This ship is known as one of the largest ships in the world by deadweight of 441,893 tons. It is designed as a vessel for crude oil tanker and for floating storage.

3. MV Blue Marlin

The Blue Marlin is from the Netherlands Antilles. It is a semi- submersible ship that can transport large number of ships on its own. This gigantic ship has a length of 712 ft and can carry 75,000 tonnes. This ship can ship ships.

2. Allure of the Seas

The largest passenger ship in the world with a length of 362.12 meters. The cruise can accommodate a maximum of 6,296 passengers. It is one of the best cruise ship that highlights ice skating shows, bar hopping, kids water park, movie theater and many more.

1. MSC Oscar

The MSC Oscar was known as the largest container ship in the world. It is 1,297 ft long and has a capacity to hold 19,224 standard containers. The ship completed in 2015 and its total cost was around $140 million.

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