20 Biggest Pile Up Car Accidents

Whether you're a driver or a passenger, the worst thing you would probably experience is car accidents and it is also the last thing you would want to happen to you. However, no matter how hard you tried to avoid it, it is still inevitable. So for all the drivers and passengers out there, let us all take a peek on pile up car accidents in history.

20. N/B Interstate-75 in Central Michigan

Just one day before the New Year in the year of 1998, something terrible happened here when 114 cars crashed during whiteout conditions, killing 1 and injuring 39.

19. Interstate 75 in Catoosa County, Georgia

At least 4 people died and 39 injured in this interstate highway at around 8 a.m. on March 14, 2002 when 125 cars crashed into each other due to one-time sudden fog.

18. Interstate 35 in San Antonio, Texas

Due to blinding glare and rain-slicked roads, 127 car pile-up happened here on December 2, 1994, leaving 67 injured and none was killed.

17. Interstate 85/Interstate 40 in Alamance County, North Carolina

No one was killed but 20 people were hurt during a crash that happened here on March 13, 2016. People blamed the slippery road caused by thunderstorms.

16. A249 Sheppey Crossing in Kent, UK

More than 130 vehicles were involved in a series of crashes here because of the thick fog on September 5, 2013. 60 injured and luckily, nobody was dead.

15. Interstate 95 in Stafford County, Virginia

131 cars and trucks crashed into one another due to snowy weather on February 22, 2001. 1 woman was killed and 100 people were injured.

14. A19 in Zonnebeke, Belgium

In the morning of December 3, 2013, 132 vehicles crashed due to dense fog leaving 67 injured and 1 dead. After 4 days, a second person died.

13. Istanbul Trans-European Motorway, Turkey

On December 3, 2011, a collision happened here involving 134 cars due to slippery road and heavy fog. There were 14 injured people and 1 dead.

12. I-70 and K-7 near the City of Bonner Springs, Kansas

Whiteout conditions caused the 140 vehicle pileups here on February 14, 2010. Luckily, no fatalities or critical injuries were reported but only 13 injured people.

11. A15 Motorway near Ochten, Netherlands

Accident happened here on October 1991 and again, it was due to fog. 150 vehicles crash, 64 injuries and 1 death.

10. M42 Motorway in the United Kingdom

In the morning of March 10, 1997, around 6:20 a.m., a multiple-vehicle collision occurred here due to fog. 160 vehicles crashed, leaving 60 injured people and 3 others dead.

9. Tennessee State Route 386 and Saundersville Road near Hendersonville in Sumner County, Tennessee

Due to heavy, heavy fog on December 1, 2011, one person was killed and 16-18 people were injured in a three separate chain-reaction crashes involving 176 vehicles.

8. Interstate 94 near Galesburg, Michigan

Accidents happen everywhere and unfortunately, this place has its own story of accident. On January 9, 2015, 193 vehicles, including 76 semi-trucks were involved in a pileup here. Two firefighters were hurt when one of the trucks carrying a load of fireworks exploded. 23 were injured in total and 1 was dead.

7. Interstate 10 in Mobile, Alabama

200 vehicles collided in a string of accidents here on March 20, 1995, killing one motorist and injuring 90 others.

6. E17 Motorway near Nazareth, Belgium

On February 27, 1996, another accident happened due to fog. 80 people injured and 10 dead.

5. Interstate 96 in Ingham County, Michigan

Most of the car accidents were due to heavy or dense fog and the Interstate 96 accident is not an exception. On January 12, 2005, 200 vehicles crashed, leaving 2 people dead and 35 injured.

4. Interstate 710 in Los Angeles County, California

The photo is aerial view of the I-105/I-710 interchange. Do you know what happened here on November 3, 2002? 216 vehicles were piled up due to dense fog. 41 were injured and none was killed.

3. Highway D1 in Vysočina Region of the Czech Republic

231 vehicles crashed in this highway. Snowstorms are common here and it was one of the reasons of the accident. About 30 people were injured, 3 of them were in a serious condition. It’s good to know that nobody was killed.

2. Autobahn A2 near Braunschweig in Lower Saxony, Germany

There was an accident here on July 19, 2009. 259 cars collide. Dozens of people were injured, 10 were critical. The accident was due to heavy rain.

1. Rodovia dos Imigrantes at São Paulo, Brazil

On September 15, 2011, no one knows that this highway will be the witness to 300 vehicles collision due to heavy fog. There were forty nine people injured and one person dead. The highway is the main route between São Paulo and the coast.

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