21 Christian Boy Bands That Are More Yoked Than The Dallas Cowboys

So the Dallas Cowboys are as tough, knuckle-busting, and yoked as you can get. Christian Rock and Christian Contemporary is a rather dying genre of music fusing Rock, metal, rap, and grunge with a religious and self salvation ideology. But until those loyal to Christian Rock remain, the music will prevail, as it has surpassed so many shifts in the music industry all these years. Check out some of the toughest bands out there. We've gathered a list of our favorites.

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ranked on January 22, 2017

21. P.O.D.

Formed in 1992 with three Grammy nominations, Payable on Death is an iconic Christian rock band, that had their ascension to fame in the late 90's and early 2000's. With slight hints of Linkin Park's rebel music, their tracks consist of adrenaline screams, and loud dumping rap. A must listen, is their track 'Satellite'.

20. Petra

Not the place, the band. This is as Christian as it gets. This 40 year-old band just celebrated their anniversary, and while similar-sounding bands like Guns N' Roses and The Cure were sky-rocketing and plummeting in their leagues, Petra held a steady foothold with its religious genre to a loyal and constant audience. A good first listen would be 'All the Kings Horses'.

19. Project 86

Commencing later than the previous bands mentioned, Project 86 begun making music in 1996 and still are. Their songs have crisp, catchy biblical intro tunes which immediately transitions to metallic rock. Great music for gym, drives and basically anything if you're into this genre. I've already got 'Fall, Fall Goliath' on my Play Next.

18. Family Force 5

Even the wallpaper screams Q-U-I-R-K-Y in capital letters. Yes this band is more of Punk Rock and and as the name suggests they lead with their funny side and make a point of not taking themselves seriously. Never stopping, they were on tour again just last year. For a very summarizing intro watch any of their music videos. They are funny and they want you to know it.

17. Delirious?

Easily one of my favorites. They have that distinct foreign style that jumps off a list and keeps ringing your ears until you have heard it 17 million times. Huge fans of U2 would back me on this, as Delirious and U2 are very similar. Only Delirious is Christian Contemporary which limits their audience a lot, and this is why some of you might have heard of them for the very first time. But regardless of religion, anyone can appreciate the intelligence of their essential music once heard.

16. Third Day

Aggressively Christian, Third Day just might be mercenaries. Intertwining greatly with Gospel music, this slightly melodious rock band has a very large Church presence and most people play Third Day music on family Christian Holidays as well. Not really my type but it might be yours.

15. Newsboys

Their marketing adviser and media liaison should get a raise that's for sure. Their website is envious, and look at that picture! More like Posterboys. But I'm deviating from what I really want to say which is that Newsboys are in this for a reason; their drive is eminent and singular and it is to spread Christianity. One look at their website and one listen of their music makes that clear. This could also be a reason for their narrow audience, as people have been exploring more and more options when it comes to religions, thanks to globalization.

14. Casting Crowns

Okay, no need to shout, I know I said boy bands and there are two women in this one, but Casting Crowns are too good to be banned for such a feeble filter, you know? The injustice would haunt me in my nightmares. I know it's the kind of safe music you can listen with your parents which makes it very dull for starters, but listen to 'Set me free' and tell me if they're yoked or not.

13. Kutless

Kutless lyrics are mostly You-Have-Saved-Me-Lord, type, great for those feeling blue in need for some uplift, and some positivism, backed with some light rock music. Also they are most active, booked for tours all through this years seasons.

12. Disciple

It's understandable why Disciple is very popular in the mainstream Christian community: they have very simple messages, use very simple vocabulary, and a child could get the message they are trying to convey. Still don't know if you've got the sarcasm in this for this generation.

11. Anberlin

Stephen Christian's voice is to die for, and you notice his true caliber in prolonged notes. I was introduced to Anberlin in high school and I admit that at that age music has an innate ability to gel in your chromosomes. But I'm one of those skeptics most people dislike, and Anberlin had a very commendable rapport in my books.

10. The Afters

The Afters is a Christian Band Cinderella story come-true. They started playing gigs in Starbucks and their hauntingly special style has lead them to the visible heights they are in now. The Afters is what I would listen in my car, in the shower, and even sing. It has that annoying cling, it sticks.

9. Reliant K.

The Great Escape. If there's one track I would recommend to have a hear from them would be this one. Matt Thiessen is the writer of these witty lyrics, and the other Matt and Brian founded the band. They have not only received critical acclaim for their song content and music but have been nominated for a Grammy as well. You have to check them out!

8. Owl City

A description is really not needed. Not only is Owl City exceptionally famous in the younger, more improbable generation, their unique music style has become a symbol of its own. Most popular tracks include Fireflies and Vanilla Twilight.

7. Lifehouse

Most of the people my age grew up listening to 'Blind', 'Storm', 'Everything' and 'You and Me'. Young girls were smoothly captivated by Jason Wade's confusingly closed voice. But 'Everything' was Lifehouse's symbolic Christian piece that made it the center of every Christian holiday play and church choir. But I resist seeing them streamlined because their scope and effect is much larger than secularism.

6. Switchfoot

Check the guts on this guy, 'Daring us to Move' all the way from California.

5. Blink 182

Some of my favorite tracks of all time are by Blink 182, including 'Adam's Song' and 'Miss You'. The lyrics are uncanny and the delivery is profound. Christian music is a sub genre, Blink has an umbrella over the Punk Rock and Alternative Rock scene as a whole. Their intellect and honesty to music has led them to be a ginormous and constant success worldwide.

4. Thousand Foot Crutch

Every single Christian kid I know has TFK albums in their entirety downloaded on his/her phone. With over a million copies of their album sold, this was inevitable

3. Creed

Make way for the Daddies! Having sold over 50 million records worldwide, the unabashed band has had more drama than a teen celebrity couple. What with them breaking up and making up then breaking up again. But that hasn't affected Creed's supreme quality of music nor their sales. Lucky daddies.

2. Skillet

*Cringe* I know there are two girls here again, but quit the sexism. Their success knows no bounds, and the rock star couples are marriage goals. Every single track produced by them is sheer gold. No, literally. 'Rise' has earned Gold while 'Comatose' and 'Awake' are certified Platinum Records. They were also one of the Hardest Working Bands of 2010 for their rigorous touring, evident from the return.

1. Red

Thanks to Red's mysterious ways, we have no ordinary world because of them. Pun very much intended. As a present from me to you, here's Red's 'Ordinary World'.

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