30 Funniest Memes

Ah, memes. So delightful. So dank. Richard Dawkins coined the phrase to describe the way information moves through human society and culture. We use it to caption pictures of animals. Here are the best.

30. Scumbag Parents

Scumbag Parents make leaps of logic your adolescent brain could never comprehend. Maybe you can't even comprehend them now. Maybe you won't until your own child crowns one day, and your pupils dilate with the ancient knowledge that has coursed through human veins since the very first, "Just because everyone else failed the test doesn't mean it's okay that you did." was uttered.

29. Angry Schoolboy

Don't lie, you've probably seen a few things on this meme that you actually said when you were a kid, or even now. I know I did, and I'm not even a boy.

28. Evil Cows

These stern cows stand against a backdrop of flames, warning you to take a step closer.

27. Unhelpful High School Teacher

Once the system bogs teachers down long enough, they eventually start phoning it in. It's like pouring water in a bucket full of holes.

26. Overly Manly Man

He's muscular but also a little chubby, like everyone in the 1920s. He also wrestles bears, like everyone in the 1920s. Some say he made several juicy steaks out of the Evil Cows.

25. Rich Raven

Somewhat of an obscure meme, but still one of my favorites. He's tiny, dapper, airborne, and he controls the means of production.

24. Bear Grylls

Anyone who's watched Man vs. Wild knows that Bear Grylls almost seems eager to drink his own urine.

23. Lame Pun Coon

This is your Dad's favorite meme.

22. Horrifying Houseguest

No one really knows who drew the Horrifying Houseguest, but they continue to post more art. Let's just hope they're not all self portraits.

21. Foul Bachelor Frog

We all do gross and lazy things when we're alone and there's no one there to judge us.

20. Philosoraptor

I love troll philosophy, so naturally I love Philosoraptor. I mean, it makes sense in writing, after all.

19. Derploma Guy

Derploma Guy is a first world anarchist of sorts, doing things that don't really bother anyone and feeling cool for it. The look on his face is also the same one I wore when I graduated High School and knew it was time to unleash myself on the world.

18. Socially Awkward Penguin

Who among us hasn't gotten a rush of adrenaline when the actually manage to successfully handle small talk? I think deep down, most people are bad with other people. That's why memes like Socially Awkward Penguin do so well.

17. Technologically Impaired Duck

Not gonna lie, I expected the police to come for days after I saw this message as a kid. I wonder if police stations ever got frantic calls about that.

16. Trust Nobody, Not Even Yourself

This hilarious photo manipulation has been remixed and edited countless times in reference to pop culture and famous events. So it's like every meme ever, really.

15. Anti-Joke Chicken

Anti-humor has been around since the dawn of humanity. It catches you off guard and has you laughing at a completely normal--and true--sentence.

14. PTSD Clarinet Boy

The somber look on PTSD Clarinet Boy's face in the closeup sells this one. What has he seen? How did it transform the bright clarinet boy we all know and love into a hollow shell?

13. Horsegirl of the Apocalypse

I'll be ecstatic if my future kid is only as half as awesome as this little girl.

12. Bad Luck Brian

Bad Luck Brian reminds you of that one nerdy kid in class that things never went right for. That kid was always entertaining to watch. That kid was also me.

11. Confession Bear

Though it's become somewhat of a soapbox for people to preach their popular opinions as if they were unpopular and then bask in the approval that follows, a Confession Bear macro is still great when it's done correctly.

10. Business Cat

Though it's an older meme, Business Cat is still great. Could you imagine if your boss was a cat and the worst thing he did was get under your feet when you tried walking to the photocopier?

9. Forever Alone

Forever Alone speaks to the outcast in all of us. Or, if you're like me, that outcast that IS all of us. Friends are hard to come by in a world where every private message is secretly trying to sell you knockoff Viagra, okay?

8. Bad Joke Eel

Bad Joke Eel is as meta as a meme gets. It's a joke that's only funny because it isn't---but not intentionally so, like Anti-Joke Chicken. It's a joke that's funny because it didn't mean to be funny, but wants to create the illusion that it was trying to be funny, because that's funnier. Dear God, what have we done?

7. Anxiety Cat

That look on his face. We can all relate. Who among us hasn't had a mini heart attack when our computers start making strange noises, like a bomb about to detonate?

6. Trollface

He's a self aware Scumbag Steve. The worst kind.

5. Scumbag Steve

We all know a Scumbag Steve. Some of us are Scumbag Steves and don't know it. Maybe there's a little Steve in all of us, I don't know. Don't ask me to get philosophical when I'm enjoying memes.

4. Doge

Yes, I think doge is funny. Number four on this rank funny, even. I'm one of those sad, sad people who imagine this is exactly how their dog talks.

3. Wojak, the Feels Guy

You've seen the feels guy. You've felt his feels. But very few know who he really is. A source (the man himself, apparently) claims that he drew Wojak in response to his girlfriend breaking up with him. And look where he is now.

2. Advice Dog

Advice dog is one of the first "internet" memes in image macro sense of the word, and yes I really did just put the word internet in quotation marks. I assume my AARP card is already on its way.

1. The Lenny Face

While hordes of angry 4channers will insist that the Lenny face is not a meme, the fact remains that it came, it saw, and it spread. Now it is everywhere. In our comment threads. In our very souls. It's a meme, in the true Dawkinsonian sense of the word.

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