9 Genetically-Modified Animals One Can Own

Genetics is one field of science that has been very controversial over the years. It has generated both positive and negative views from people all over the world. One of the biggest discovery is the fact that genetic makeup of animals can now be modified so people may enjoy them as pets.

9. Leaner Cows

They might look scary but this big guy is sure to produce more "lean" meat. Based on studies, it can produce 40% more muscle mass. This was produced by a selective breeding process by Belgian researchers, scientists and cattle raisers.

8. Bird-Flu Resistant Chicks

Thanks to researchers from Cambridge and Edinburgh universities, we now have chickens that are not capable of transmitting avian flu.

7. No-More Plucking

Israeli Scientists were able to develop a method that produces featherless chickens. Although it received mixed reviews, according to them, this saves a lot of time in the production line.

6. Golden Seahorses

Nope you're not dreaming... they are real!!! Vietnamese Scientist were able to develop the gene-shooting method. Jellyfish proteins were mixed with gold dust before being inserted to the eggs of seahorses. Though this was the first animal that have been successfully been genetically modified in Vietnam, they believed that such discovery would go a long way. The method used to producing these glittery animals could also be beneficial for sectors of agriculture and medicine.

5. GMO Sheeps

The first animal to have experienced genetic modification are sheeps. Proof to this is Dolly, the first successfully cloned mammal back in 1996. Over the years, experts have been experimenting how this mammal could be more beneficial for humans. We have Dabney, the world's first self-knitting sheep. Scientist were able to alter the animal's genetic structure which resulted to the production of patterned wool. While in China, researchers were able to modify the sheep's genes to produce healtheir meat - containing more "healthy" fats.

4. Healthier piggies

Scientists were able to genetically-modify pigs which could be beneficial for the sectors of medicine and agriculture. For medicine, they could help out in organ transplants and could be models for treatment of various human diseases. As for agriculture, the genetic structure of pigs are modified to make them "healthier" for consumption. Experts had also developed a process that would make them more immune to diseases that usually plague the agricultural industry.

3. Hypoallergenic Cats (Finally!)

A new company in the US have developed a process called gene slicing. This scientific and complicated procedure result to the shutting down of the allergen gene.

2. Glow-In-The-Dark Kittens/Cats

These furry little creatures were just a by-product of an experiment to help cure HIV/AIDS. Egg cells of the domestic cats were injected with the virus. To see how the egg cells would react to the virus that was injected, fluorescent jellyfish protein was also injected.

1. GloFish (Glow-In-The_dark Fish)

First introduced in 2003, among the first to be commercialized. Even before the fish hatches, a fluorescent protein gene is injected to its embryo. Eventually that protein gene will then be incorporated to the fish's own DNA.

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