20 Hottest Jennifer Lawrence Pictures

Jennifer Lawrence is now a household name. She been killing it in Hollywood, starring in many blockbusters, and looking good while doing it, which is why we've dedicated an entire rank to her good looks.

20. Shimmering Goddess

Deities are mentioned in tales past, thought only to be a fantasy. But here Jennifer is an embodiment of a goddess with her shimmering dress as though her glory is shining from the heavens as she graces the red carpet.

19. Dazzling Delight

A tall drink of red wine is what she looks like in this long black skirt and black crop top. Jen is determined to always stun and makes the crowd jaws drop wherever she goes.

18. Snake Queen

Jen kills in in every swimsuit that she wears. And we're especially loving this snake print that she's chosen to wear. She looks like she could command an army of them and take over the world.

17. Sequined Princess

Sequins are not only for little girls anymore. This glittering cocktail dress stirs our minds to ponder on beautiful pearls of the deep blue sea. Fortunately we don’t have to go too far to find one.

16. Naughty Tigress

Some of us wished we were that red convertible carrying such an elegant masterpiece. With a body shaped to fit perfectly in one’s hand she’s anything but stoppable. That tiger striped pants and crop top she makes it work.

15. Simply Jennifer

Even the simplest outfits can look incredible and she sure knows how to make them look that way. A simple crop top and black short pants with white strips on this beauty makes want to go out and get one yourself.

14. Fascinating Flower Girl

Flower girls aren’t only for weddings. This exquisite floral outfit screams flower garden which represents peace and tranquility reminding us of how beautiful and full of positive energy flower gardens can be.

13. Hidden Danger

There are hidden dangers lurking all around. This dress captures and invites a sense of dread and mystery. Red mingling with black spells danger in the darkness. This dress sure leaves room for one’s imagination to run wild.

12. Future Mrs Claus

Santa is going to love his new bride. Jen in this tantalizing body con Santa outfit brings nothing but Christmas cheer to our dull faces. I know some people would love her to slide down their chimney.

11. Lights Out

How does she still manage to stand out amidst the bright light? Well it’s easy, her outfit spoke louder and challenged her surroundings. The flowers flowing through her skirt proves that nature is even more outstanding.

10. Night Sky

Just as mesmerizing as the night sky, Jennifer gives us a glimpse through the windows of the star ship Avalon. Rocking that black two piece with white polka dots we’re given a vast space of beauty to behold.

9. Star Passenger

Stars are so well formed. However, they do not just float in vast space anymore. They now walk among us. This lovely shaded blue outfit reminds us of how picturesque the night sky can be.

8. Black Widow

A fierce look yet somewhat extremely alluring. Jen owns this look, rocking it very well. For all those men staring you best be careful because you just might end up being this spider’s next prey.

7. Inviting Black Panther

Stilettos and a short black dress never looked so good! This almost Gothic look embraces everything that this lovely lady is and represents. Elegant, enticing and most definitely to die for, this is Jen for you.

6. Ravishing in Green

Jen decides to show off her long sleek legs in this short beautiful green dress at the Hunger Games premiere. She finishes off her look with black stilettos, light makeup and a warm welcoming smile.

5. Innocent Lady

The ability to look hot and still maintain that innocent school girl look is a rare gift which obviously Jen has. It’s almost as is if a halo can be visible above that pretty close up face.

4. Alluring Angel

Heaven must be missing an angel because I believe we have found one. A long white flowing dress with a long V line is the way Jen chose to go. The V cut rests perfectly on her well-shaped womanly gifts.

3. Pretty In Pink

Her curves are gently embraced by the pink dress while also complimenting her complexion. Leaning against that white wall makes the photo really pop as all her greatest assets are accentuated while still maintaining that innocent look.

2. Red Vixen

Wearing a red dress, a gorgeous smile, dreamy eyes and a positive attitude, Jennifer kills it, slaying everything in her path. Damn she even makes those freckles on her chest and neck look hot too.

1. Bewitching Beauty

Jennifer poses with a real life snake along with a seductive look to make a bold statement. She wears nothing but the body granted to her by the Almighty God coupled with a diamond bracelet on her left hand.

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