20 Hottest Overwatch Cosplay Girls

We rank the most talented and hottest Overwatch cosplayers for gamers all over the world. These cosplayers are amazingly beautiful and alike these champions in Overwatch!

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ranked on January 22, 2017

20. Sirena / Tracer

Sirena fully captured the spirits of Tracer in this picture. Her hair and her costumes are exceptionally well-made. She brought Tracer to life with her Tracer project. She earns her place on this list.

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19. Henchwench / Mei

The cool Mei is here. She has that whimsy from Mei with that perfect and huge costume. So called the evil-genius, this Henchwench is awesome.

18. Angelus/Symmetra

Symmetra - the support. I put Angelus on this list not just for her best cosplay of symmetra, I also value the photon she creates.

17. Rose / Tracer

Her freckles, her smile, and her glasses said all.

16. Chrix/Mercy

She brings in a different perspective of Mercy from other cosplayers. She is unique, and I love it.

15. Eclaire / Mei

Her Mei cosplay amazed me how simple it is. She revolted the Mei concept.

14. Oshley / Mercy

Her smile, her costumes, and her background is why she is on this list. Look at that angel.

13. Tasha / Tracer

This is one of the best Tracer cosplay I have ever seen.

12. Stella Chuu/ Widowmaker

Her face, her costume, and the background are perfect. She is not only beautiful but also a very talented cosplayer.

11. Unknown/ D.VA

She is great. D. VA though is a little more petite. I like her, whatever.

10. Amaberius/ D. VA

This is my favorite D. VA cosplay. She captures D. VA spirit very well in this picture. Best D. VA cosplay!

9. Vera-Chimera / Tracer

Her tanned skin goes so well with Tracer's outfit. I am impressed with her guns.

8. Aya Mizuko / D.Va

Her petite Asian size is so adorable. Her innocence is her weapon. Wait, I mean, her pink gun. Ahh, you know what I mean.

7. Jannet “Incosplay” Vinogradova / Widowmaker

Her fierce goes together with that body, somehow, perfectly. I am thrilled just by looking at that beauty. Thank you, Jannet!

6. Shappi/Mercy

Her facial expression is off the chart. She faces the "enemies" with her determination. Excellent cosplayer!

5. AzureBluevision/Widowmaker

She is Widowmaker - a cold-blooded assassin.

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4. Tasha / Mercy

Tasha's cosplay is definitely one of the best. Her wings, her costumes, brings Mercy to life from Overwatch. She is gorgeous.

3. Miyuki / D.VA

I can't find any more adorable D.VA cosplayers. She deserves this 3rd.

2. KarinOlava/Widowmaker

Of all the Widowmakers I’ve seen this has to be the most accurate one, not to mention all the little touches on that she prepared to bring the character to life.

1. Tasha / Tracer

This is the best Tracer cosplay I have ever seen. Tasha in this project is ridiculously amazing. If someone told me she was Tracer, I would believe it.

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