25 Hottest Photos Of Eva Mendes

The Hitch and Ghost Rider star Eva Mendes has a gorgeous face and legs for days. Here we're going to go through some of the hottest pictures she's ever taken.

25. Fishnets and a red swimsuit?

Who would have thought a one piece would be my favorite swimsuit that I've ever seen Eva Medes wearing.

24. Eva Mendes in a silk dress is everything

I love how it hugs the curves of her hips and butt. She has such a gorgeous figure and was practically made for a backless dress.

23. Red nail polish and that smoldering look of hers--

What else could you want? I love the way her lips are just barely resting on her fingers, and she looks absolutely fabulous in a smokey eye.

22. And who could forget sideboob?

The world needs more sideboob. This is a fact.

21. I could look at Eva leaning slightly forward all day

And who knows? I just might.

20. A beautiful smile and an off the shoulder top

That's really all you need to win me over. The magnificent breasts don't hurt, though.

19. Classy, and yet very naked

I'm all about how she lowers the jacket just enough to give us a little peak at what's underneath.

18. Eva is the queen of "just enough cleavage to get you interested"

...and then a little bit more, just for good measure.

17. She always manages to be sexy, even when she's totally sweet

Pink fingernails, a tight camisole, and lace panties that are to die for. And her face is so adorable.

16. And who could forget her role as the only good part of Ghostrider?

That pencil skirt hugs her hips just right. I'm going to need a couple of minutes after being exposed to the amount of cleavage in this picture!

15. Poolside in some seriously sexy heels

That white swimsuit accentuates her curves perfectly. Is it practical to wear four inch heels at the pool? Probably not, but I'm not complaining!

14. Mendes is a delightful tease even on the red carpet

Just a little bit playful, but still insanely sexy.

13. She even manages to look beautiful reclining in a rusty wheelbarrow.

How do you do it, Eva? Were you born with it, or did you have to sell your soul for legs like those?

12. There's that wonderful laid-back sitting position again

But the real star in this picture are Eva's breasts, spilling out of her dress almost all the way, but not quite.

11. And those legs!

I'm sure you can see the cosmos where her butt meets the top of those fishnet stockings. If only I were that flexible.

10. Wearing a wrap dress that hugs every curve.

Thank you, little black floral wrap dress. You're doing God's work.

9. A bikini top and (very) short shorts?

Sign me up! Those tight Daisy Dukes leave very little to the imagination.

8. Is it even legal to look so hot in white?

Here Eva tortures us with a small peek at her fantastic legs and a tiny, unbuttoned window to her cleavage.

7. Glowing, subtle sensuality

Proof that Eva doesn't have to show a single sexy part to be provocative if I've ever seen. Her smoldering expression is enough.

6. Black heels and lingerie on a nude couch

Eva lounges braless in sexy (and yet classy) photoshoot.

5. A black and white photo in a (titillating) chiffon top

The outline of Eva's breasts are just barely visible beneath the light fabric of this white top, and her sexy beach hair is to die for.

4. Leaning forward in a low cut dress

One of Eva's signature poses involves her spreading her legs (just a little) but leaving most up to the imagination.

3. This black and white photo of Eva in a top hat and vest

Mendes lets one breast poke slightly out of a tight black vest in this callback to 19th century fashion.

2. Smoldering at us in a sheer polka dot dress

Eva Mendes is a dream (and a tease) in sheer fabric, and this picture is no exception.

1. Reclining on a porch railing

Eva shows off her legendary legs in this down-to-earth picture. She could easily pass for the girl next door we've all been dreaming of with her bare feet and bandanna.

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