20 Hottest Pictures Of Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima, the Brazilian bombshell best known for being a Victoria's Secret model has been killing the runways and has become an extremely successful household name. Here's why we love her.

20. Lady in Red

Adriana is definitely one of the sexiest angels to ever exist. The Brazilian bombshell is stealing hearts with her eyes and the gorgeous red bra that exposes some of her best assets.

19. Sand, Sea and Adriana

Adriana is stunning with the beautiful blue waters behind her, as she appears in her leopard bikini. She's killing it even with her eyes closed.

18. Kisses for everyone

Adriana looks heavenly enchanting in this all white outfit with lots of leg appeal at the end of a Victoria Secret Fashion show.

17. Black angel

Sexy in black with her mini skirt and angel wings, Adriana looks super sexy at the end of a runway.

16. Desert hottie

Kissed by the dessert sun, Adriana appears confident as she rocks nothing but a leather jacket and black undergarments.

15. Beautiful in blue

From her head to her toes Adriana is just phenomenal. She makes her profession seem like a breeze lying up in this blue two piece bathing suit.

14. Captivating beauty

Truly breathtaking, Adriana’s facial expression and dreamy eyes are mesmerizing. The smokey makeup accentuates them perfectly.

13. Brazilian Babe

Part of Adriana’s Brazilian roots is revealed in this hot shot of her in a black lingerie and sexy hair do and big hoop earrings.

12. Throwback

Adriana has proven that she is an all-rounder when it comes to modeling. She is seen here portraying a 60’s look in black lingerie.

11. Beach Bunny

Simple, yet sexy… it says so much, her playful and innocent expression commands your attention.

10. Pure seduction

Adriana looks flawless, in this attractive blue satin lingerie set. Seductively effortless posed with her black heels and legs in midair.

9. Surf board babe

Adriana captures us again with her surf board babe look and lovely eyes.

8. Fierce goddess

Confidence can be seen all over Ms. Lima as she poses on the Victoria Secret catwalk in this sizzling red hot lingerie and feathery wings.

7. Those Eyes though!

Adriana will have you entranced with eyes like those, looking seductive in a blue lingerie set.

6. Alluring

Though there is cleavage in this photo, one’s eyes is drawn to her beautiful face. Adriana is captivating.

5. Young flower

Over the years Adriana bloomed even more into her beauty. But never forget that she was an extremely beautiful girl from the time she was young.

4. Pure royalty

All hail Adriana as she is divine in this royal blue bra and panty set kissed with white flowers.

3. Close-up shot

Up close and personal Adriana is naturally stunning even with a slightly straight face.

2. Model on the runway

A model by profession, and exceptionally great at it, Adriana is also a model example of how to conduct yourself in the business.

1. Fun and Flirty

Adriana brings out her inner child and is in fun mode in this segment of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

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