20 Hottest Pictures Of Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio is one of the most successful models to come from the South American party country, Brazil. She has been modeling for years and this album proves just why she's still in the game.

20. Back in Time

Alessandra puts us in a time machine as she rocks the vintage look. A throwback to a time where bell bottoms and tie dye got you extra marks for coolness. She isn’t throwing up any peace signs though.

19. Attractive Boss

Looks like she means business and her business it to be beautiful. This outfit is a great combination of the masculine and feminine coupled with a sense of confidence. Yet it incorporates a sexiness that only a woman can avert.

18. Beautiful Evil

Who knew evil could look this good? If the devil looks like this I know some men would not mind going to hell for a few hours. The only things missing are the tail and pitch fork.

17. Human Again

What a contrast from the woman who tears it up on the runway to this humble laid back look. Without the lights and audiences it’s as though she comes down to the earth with a simplicity yet still eye catching.

16. Sporty Mommy

Motherhood certainly agrees with her and it never looked so good. Marriage and two children later this phenomenal women and Victoria’s Secret model still stuns wherever she goes, turning heads as usual in this sporty mommy look.

15. Sexy In Blue

Showing off this blue two piece, Alessandra was born to walk the runway. It seems as though we are looking at a master at work here. She loves the runway and we cannot doubt that the runway loves her too.

14. Crimson Desire

It’s hard to tell who is more fury and fierce. The outfit or Alessandra Ambrosio? No debate necessary because we can agree that she looks simply amazing with such a regal look and that burning passion in her expression.

13. Innocent Beauty

Alessandra does it again with her stunning yet seemingly innocent look on the runway. This model always makes the crowd want to look with her powerful presence and white ensemble. Her aura here is pure innocence with exploding beauty.

12. Decorated Beauty

The Victoria Secret model has ever so often revealed her beauty on the runway. With this exotic outfit she is reminiscent of a goddess. Her skin glows as if she was kissed by the sun before her runway walk.

11. Tigress in Sight

Fierce and passionate are how tigresses are described and Ambrosio most assuredly falls into that category. She makes it known by wearing her short striped dress which she wears proudly with gold stilettos. Let your tigress spring forth Alessandra.

10. Life Looks Good

On her way out to celebrate her birthday early she makes a statement in that short black dress with those to die for legs which says that she is another year older and more ready to take on life.

9. Curvaceous Angel

Heaven must have wept when this angel left. Though not at her heavenly home she still makes reference to that place by wearing a white dress while again showing her beautiful legs through a split in the side.

8. Midnight Blue

Showing off her beautiful long legs in this midnight blue dress, Ambrosio looks ready for a playful night out with the girls. She wears a star belt around the outfit which is fitting because stars always come out at night.

7. Lady at Night

I searched for the definition of chic in the dictionary and it brought me to this picture. Ambrosio knocks them dead in this sexy, black gown. If you were searching for elegantly and stylishly fashionable you just found it.

6. Yellow Sunflower

Although the sun has set it is shining on the runway. Looking like the description of happiness in this yellow dress, Ambrosio graced the runway with her presence. She even added a little naughty by….well just look and you’ll see.

5. Sheriff Ambrosio

The west just got a bit more interesting because there’s a new sheriff in town and her name is Alessandra Ambrosio. In an outfit like this who wouldn’t want to get in trouble with the law. One word- Outstanding.

4. Heart Breaker

With an inviting look on her face Alessandra Ambrosio almost breaks your heart in this blue brassiere with white polka dots. Coupled with a blue panty with white polka dots as well Ambrosio completes the heart breaker look.

3. Good Night

This pink night gown accentuates her womanly curves and looks great for sleeping too. She even makes night gowns look good. Lacy and playful describes Ambrosio in this. There’s no man who wouldn’t love their wife in something like this.

2. Santa’s Reindeer

Never in the history of Santa has there ever been a reindeer this gorgeous. Mrs. Claus would definitely feel insecure because of this reindeer sitting in front of her husband’s sleigh. This red bathing suit brings out her playful side.

1. Totally Natural

In this piece, Ambrosio is at peace with nature here as she shows off everything that she has been blessed her with. Wearing nothing but the tattoo on her right side she is sure to turn a few heads.

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