43 Hottest Pictures Of Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid, the younger sister of the famed Gigi Hadid and ex-girlfriend of the Weeknd has been making the news a lot lately. Here's why.

43. Sitting pretty

Bella is sexy and she knows it. Just look at the expression on her face. She knows that she's the ish.

42. Skinny Jeans

Bella is known for working with some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry. Here she is, posing for household name, Calvin Klein. She looks like the jeans were made for her body, and they probably were.

41. Fierce and focused

Whoever thought that modeling wasn't an art never heard of Bella. The gorgeous babe look focused here, in a leather bandeaus and purple satin skirt.

40. Paper Magazine

Paper magazine is knwon for its out-there covers. Here, Bella strips down and bares quite a lot for her feature in the fearless magazine.

39. Black and white

We're not exactly sure what she's modeling, but who cares? Bella is the epitome of class in this black and white pictures.

38. In her Calvins

Calvin Klein underwear has never looked as good as it does on Bella Hadid. The model could sell this to a Victoria's Secret angel, that's how good she is.

37. Bella from the block

This urban-themes shoot proves how versatile out young model is. If anyone could look amazing while posing up against a rusty fence, it's Bella.

36. Hey there!

Bella looks like every straight man's dream in this picture of her. The crop top and bikini bottoms emphasize her amazing body. And we can never get enough of those eyes.

35. Perfection

There's not one thing in this picture that anyone in the world can say a bad thing about. This girl is gorgeous. Simple as that.

34. High slit

Bella is known for wearing high slits, sometimes all the way up to her perfect waist. Here, she's made a slit by rasining her dress and giving us a glimpse of some of her goodies.

33. Dominatrix in training

One can dream right? Bella brings all kinds of dreams to our head with these leather/latex bunny ears. The facy that she has nothing else on isn't helping either.

32. Beach babe

Fresh out of the ocean, Bella looks better than most of us on our good days. She was blessed with her mothr's good looks, and we really can't hate.

31. Parted lips

This girl really needs to start letting people know what her secret is. Why is she so beautiful when doing absolutely nothing?

30. Perfect profile

We love the fact that Bella is till able to get our hearts racing with just a picture of her gorgeous face. She really does have the most beautiful facial features, including an adorable pixie nose.

29. Sexy Selfie

Messy hair and lingerie. There are fews things better than that. Bella looks beautiful in her makeup-less selfie.

28. Throwback Hottie

In a collaboration with Vogue, Bella ended up with this gorgeous picture that looks like she's about to head to one of the most popular clubs in the decade that was the 80s.

27. Dynamite in denim

Bella proves that she doesn't need a professional photographer to pull off killer, sexy pictures. She is doinh this denim bikini more than justice in this photo.

26. Perfect imperfection

We will always have a soft spot for beautiful women who are able to be even more stunning in their natural states. This is exactly what Bella is doing here.

25. Glittering beauty

We get that she's modeing jewelry but we have to admit that it took us a second to realize it. It's just that Bella looks drop dead gorgeous here. Who has time to notice the diamonds that she's wearing?

24. Baby hairs on point

Here Bella is posing for a feature in Galmour magazine. Her baby hairs have been combed down and grossly exaggerated and she still manages to pull it off.

23. Bella for Balmain

Pictured here is Bella doing here thing and working the runway for major fashion house, Balmain. She looks sexy and serious and the same time.

22. Sweet revenge

If there's any way to make your ex miss you, it's to show up at his concert looking like the hottest thing since sliced bread with silver pasties on. You go Bella!

21. VS after party

Bella congratulates herself on a job well done after walking her very first Victoria's Secret fashion show with her sister Gigi. The gown she has on is sheer, silver and everything we love.

20. Sexy and see-through

Bella's cheekbones are legendary! If you're not into that kind of thing, check out the body she is serving in this amazing picture. Her wind swept hair is the cherry on top.

19. Just a taste

Bella is amazing at what she does, which is why she was featured in the Spanish Harper's Bazaar. She really can do no wrong in our eyes.

18. Natural beauty

Here Bella is, looking more like her beautiful sister than ever with her lighlt hair and gorgeous eyes, that change with the light. Her freckles are the cutest thing ever.

17. Grammy ready

Bella is slaying this black look, as she usually does, while walking the red carpet at the Grammy Awards.

16. Here to serve you

If every restaurant and bar had waitresses this sexy, then the world would be in a whole lot of trouble! Damn Bella, you've left us speechless.

15. Lady in black

You'll notice how much Bella Hadid loves wearing black throughout this entire article. And why shouldn't she love it? She slays every single look, black or not, that she wears.

14. Bikini babe

How can one be so sexy while calmly sitting down, looking innocent as ever. Whatever Bella's seceret is for pulling oof such a look, we're big fans. We're also digging her itty bitty blue bikini.

13. Fearless

Bella is the kind of model that we love. The kind that isn't afraid to go topless and show off the best parts of her body.

12. Casual cutie

We're not sure whether Bella was working out or if this is just how she left the house, but we love it. The outfit is formitting and shows skin; two things we can't complain about.

11. Playing shy

This picture of Bella Hadid can and should inspire songs and poems. Her hair appears to be a lot lighter than how she normally wears it, and we're big fans. She looks so much like Gigi here.

10. All tied up

Don't we wish we were the laces that held Bella's outfit together. She looks so beautiful in this designer outfit held together by pins and shoe laces. The long expanse of her flat somach are goals.

9. Black lace

Black lace just makes everything sexier, as if Bella needed help in that department. Here, she shows off her perfect cleavage and beautiful face structure.

8. Baywatch beauty

Despite not having ever starred in the TV show, the model pulls off the iconic one piece to perfection here. She pairs it with a black leather jacket, which adds just the right amount of edge to it.

7. Legs for days

Bella has the longest, most beautiful pair of legs ever. She also has that ultra-sexy vampy look going for her that we are completely obsessed with.

6. Victoria's Secret model

Bella and her sister Gigi made history when they became the first pair of sisters to walk to VS Fashion show last year. She looked amazing while walking passed her ex-boyfriend, The Weeknd, who was performing at the time.

5. Windows to the soul

Bella proves that you don't always have to be half naked to be sexy with this picture. She truly has some of the most mesmerizing eyes that we've seen. The ring of blue-green keeps pulling us in.

4. Fresh face

Bella looks so amazingin this one piece. Not to mention the fact that her skin seems to be glowing, despite not appearing to have any makeup on.

3. Gorgeous gypsy

Since Esmerelda, no one has managed to serve us some gypsy realness wuite the way she did. That is, until Bella Hadid. Doesn't she just make you want to pack your things up and jump in a caravan with her?

2. Playing around

Whether she has a wig on or if she permed her hair, she looks gorgeous with the curls and the skin tight bodysuit. Her phone case is also pretty creative.

1. Caught off guard

Bella Hadid looks so stunning in this picture that we just can't take it. She looks like the camera man caught her by surprise, making this picture seem to be a candid one. And there's nothing better than unforced beauty.

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