20 Hottest Pictures Of Brigitte Bardot

Unique beauty is timeless. Brigitte Bardot is a brand. This unusual human being changed the perception not only in a woman's mind but the mind of all of us who are even now staying on the path that she created more than half a century ago.

20. Mirror, mirror, on the wall ...

Famous movie scene from 'The Light Across the Street', directed by Georges Lacombe. (1955)

19. That Look

Breathless- Nirvāṇa

18. Golden Ratio

Fibonacci created perfect measures. She changed the world with them.

17. OLE!

Flamenco is the art of seduction. This photo proves it is more than that.

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16. Richard Avedon – Brigitte Bardot

Richard Avedon knew how to 'freeze a moment'. This is a perfect example of that craft.

15. 'American Beauty'

For sure Kevin Spacey would love it.

14. Mermaid

A miracle can happen.

13. A Classic Brigitte style

'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.' - Leonardo da Vinci

12. Equilibrium

Delon and Bardot is combination that truly match one another. Don't they?

11. Brigitte and Pablo

When inspiration meets the artist, magic happens.

10. In The Moment

Flower, tell us the secret behind her smile.

9. Smoking Kills

So does a killer body as well.

8. The Magnificent Smile

The more you look, the prettier it gets. Even a smile can be a distraction.

7. A Dangerous Combination

Too much of everything is never enough.

6. Roses

You can pick only one of them.

5. Don't get confused, this is a bathroom

Few people can overshadow everything around them. Brigitte is a rare example of that.

4. Sometimes less is MORE irresistible

Everything around her looks old, but she is timeless.

3. Rhapsody in Heaven

Sometimes the heaven is near even if you are looking at a black and white photo.

2. Eternal Inspiration

Don`t be confused, she is a goddess.

1. A thousand words

Well, isn't it?

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