20 Hottest Pictures of Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel is a South African model and the whole world knows her as a Victoria's Secret Angel. It's not certain if she's an angel or a devil but it's definitely true that she is one of the sexiest women on Earth!

20. Bridal Vibes

Candice is the bride of every man's dreams. That white lace dress is so tempting on her.

19. Devil not in disguise

Candice has a really innocent face but she can surely be the devil. And you know what? She doesn't even have to hide it, she's welcome anyway.

18. Goddess in water

Such a divine pose with such a heavenly background. Her thick golden bracelets bring the Egyptian Gods in mind.

17. Angel in red

Candice is an angel with or without wings. After all, the whole world knows her as an angel, right?

16. Princess of the spring

Isn't she like a blooming flower with her white outfit of leaves? Candice is a fresh spring morning even only with her smile.

15. It's better than anyone's

Such smooth skin with such fine curves! Candice has the body of a sculpture.

14. Super Model

If Candice was a super hero, this definitely would have been her costume. Sexy, powerful and very colorful!

13. Style icon

We are not used to seeing her with a full set of clothes but hey, you can't take your eyes off her anyhow.

12. Hitchhiker's paradise

Who wouldn't be shocked if Candice was the one to stop for your hitchhike? I would get in, for sure!

11. Fasten your seatbelts

Candice's outfit is a fantasy hostess dress. It seems, she'll fly the passengers to the moon.

10. Blonde beauty

That long hair of Candice is a secret weapon of hers. Yes, she has many other weapons like that smoking red lingerie on her, too.

9. Number 1

She was #1 in the Maxim's Hot 100 List, 2014. Can you ever say they're wrong?

8. Her body is my heaven

Everyone calls tropic islands as heaven but without Candice nowhere is heaven!

7. Hotter than the summer sun

I can't take my eyes from her... smiling face. She is simply Irresistible.

6. Oh my god!

That would be the exact pose of mine if the genie in the bottle comes and asks me if I want the car or her.

5. Yes sir, yes!

I think the rate of applications to the army would increase if she was actually a soldier.

4. Run to me

Sports is a very big portion of her life and she is quite eyeful in this running tights.

3. Master of red carpet

Candice is dashing in her white dress. We think she is a master of red carpet dressing!

2. Less is more

She is a-mazing in this night dress looking nightgown. She even sleeps in style!

1. Sweet as a candy

It is obvious that navy is her color. She is undoubtedly one of the most sexy women in the world.

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