50 Hottest Pictures Of Cara Delevingne

Her face is everywhere, quite literally. The exotic, dark-featured, English beauty is to everyone's knowledge, one of the most prominent faces in fashion, and soon Hollywood too. While there's a lot more to her personality besides her dramatic, icily-sexy looks, we have picked some of her best shots on the web for kicks. Brace yourselves for a lot of eye-candy...

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ranked on January 22, 2017

50. 50 Gray Shades of Cara

She doesn't mostly intend to look sexy, but she has admitted to be flirtatious and piercing with cameras. "I treat the camera like a person--I gaze into it", says Cara. "Photos are a flat thing, and you need to put life into them."

49. Locked in Stripes

I am getting a very trapped vibe from this. Maybe it's the stripes or maybe when you're the face of Burberry, and have modeled for millions of their photo shoots, you're bound to get bogged down a little.

48. Cara's Elemental Beanie

Belonging to a group that believes comfort trumps all fashion, Cara often uses beanies as her elemental go-to for head accessories.

47. Cozy First

Here she is in a beanie again.

46. Super Ex-Girlfriend

Blowing in the wind in a pulpy red outfit, Cara actually wants to experience being in love. She says whenever she has been in a situation where someone claims his love for her, she freaks out and runs. Bad Girlfriend, Even she calls herself one.

45. Live Fast Die Young

Having always been a Tomboy, this look is partially her personality.

44. Blinded by Orange

Laid back Cara, glowing in the shady dimness, is in unintentional portrait of her affluent English ancestry.

43. Victoria's Pastel Angel

Yes, she was a catwalk model for the 2012 Victoria's Secret fashion show. Later that year she was also awarded Model of the Year in British Fashion Awards.

42. On the Runway

Can't have 50 pictures of a supermodel without a picture of her on the runway, can ya.

41. For Animals

Mulberry is one of the more positive and responsible labels she has modeled for. It manufactures bags and shoes mainly, among other animal-friendly merchanidse. Watch out for other monochromatic pictures of Cara with animals.

40. Everyone's Favorite

Her delightful and bubbly character makes Cara a very like-able and relatable person, known and idolized by so many.

39. Sultry on Yellow

Cara's captivating and chilly looks can make any ordinary couch and heels Vogue-worthy.

38. Poster Girl

I know sometimes designers get carried away and end up detaching their models from the scene. But Cara has it covered. Or should I say un-covered?

37. A study in Pink.

Looks like all the colors are on the aisle for her today. Fun fact, Cara says that she has often dreamt at night, about punching a photographer in the face. Guess she's even day dreaming about it now.

36. Under Burberry's Umbrella

Burberry took Cara under their wing in 2011, knowing little that she would be sailing them head on for the next 2 years.

35. Ruby Woo

Rocking the red lipstick in casual knitwear.

34. Who Run da World, Girls!

Cara's such a fast and strong learner that the American accent she perfected for Paper Towns, has become her dual accent now. She can't get rid of it!

33. Ring Ring

Delevingne in bling bling.

32. On Top of tha World

Did you know that Cara could beat box? Yes, way before it became a cool thing.

31. All That You Can't Have

At 5'8 with a brush smooth body, Cara Delevingne is a striking image of successor Kate Moss. Many have even come to call her Baby Moss.

30. Leaving Some to the Imagination

On the red carpet, spitting innocence.

29. The Diva

Here she paints another look with her cat-eyes, and stamps a large 'Cara Delevingne' on it.

28. The Delevingne Style

This is what happens when Cara wears a pant suit.

27. Girl's Gotta Eat

She eats! Also in the picture: her Pumas.

26. Slithering Delevingne

Doing what she does best!

25. Squat Watch

Cara on the streets, modeling for her Pumas.

24. Delightful in Roses

The 24 year old, on a talk show, proves how she can switch from killer to elegant in a snap.

23. Fitting in Palette

Cara Delevingne: emboldening her child-like casualness in this amalgamation of colors. The model can look extravagant in anything she wears. Wait, that's why she has modeled for H&M, Zara, Burberry, Oscar de la Renta, Chanel, Moschino, Dolce & Gabana, Fendi, Stella McCartney and Jason Wu among others. Let me catch my breath now.

22. X I I

Cara shows off her XII (the number 12) tattoo on her right hand. In an interview she claims that 12 is her lucky number, and I am certain there's no deeper meaning to this.

21. From Smoldering to Soothing

Showing off her tattoo again, Cara transforms into a soft and curious, well dressed, library girl. Her slick and quick transitions in facial expressions are a trademark of pure talent.

20. Red Lips, Clas-sic, Thing That You Like

The timeless bold look displays strength in femininity. Cara Delevingne suffers from Psoriasis, a condition that develops scabs all over the body when stressed. And she has had a lot of negative attention because of it. Cara, you probably don't need this, but when things go wrong put more lipstick on

19. From Glam to Goofy

Naah. I'm too cool for pretty.

18. Smoke on Water

So every model poses as lying down on wet beach mud, have you noticed? All of 'em. No offense Cara, you are smoking it.

17. My Job Pays my Rent

-Said every waitress and Topshop model. Oops!

16. The Shy Debutante

She is so impressive with her facial expressions, you can imagine loads of backstories by just one look. Of course the sort she wants you to think. Like here, all you can come up with is affection.

15. Going Away with my Dog

I don't know about the dog but the rest is quite true. Cara has quit modeling so she can focus more on her acting career. After Suicide Squad and Paper Towns, she has got the boost she needs.

14. Angry Little Princess

Publishing a window into herself, the goth princess has actually never been angry on television. But she plays an outraging beat on drums. Talk about channelizing your energy.

13. Cara's Symbolic Cat Eyes

Meow, flash, flash, click, click. Now let me go play.

12. Hinting on Sexy

So, I bet you scrolled down all the way just for this, dintchya. She could've just been standing next to a phone in this attire, but adding the sweater to the mix absolves it abstract. And that's how photography works. *bows*

11. The Adult in Delevingne

Someone needs a cup of coffee.

10. In the Afterglow

The modern fashion industry is mostly a community with taller, skinnier bodies, and duller faces. Cara's rapid fame is due to her ability to give a story with her face in her images. For example, how she's blowing halos in the sky with her angelic appearance here.

9. Not-Cara, Cara

At first, I thought I accidentally put up Emma Watson. Where's the ferocious, thick brow-ed, seductress?

8. Caught in her Locks

Thy luscious hair is an envy for many, dear Juliet.

7. Too Lazy for Gym

Guess I'm just going to play Call of Duty all day. No really, COD is actually her favorite video game.

6. A Reluctant Alice

You'd think that a baby-pink, bridesmaid's dress with lilies would be on the wrong page for the dark, tomboy-ish, goofy Cara. But there she is. That is an actual meadow, I mean how far does this go?

5. Brow Game, Strong

Cara hated her brows as a kid and only agreed to keep them because her mother stopped her; or as she mimics her mother, "They are your best feature Cara, don't!"

4. Exceptionally English

This picture screams Cara's nationality: My cue was the blow-dried hair, and porcelain skin.

3. Black and Poetic

Okay, so black is easy to pull off, I agree. It's the safest option we go for when we want no doubts about looking hot and beautiful in the perfect proportions. But look at this gorgeous creature! Draped in embroidered laces, glittering in diamonds, and of course the red lipstick- she totally gets my vote for Best-Dressed-in-Black.

2. When Cara Sprinkles Some Sparkle

All that glitters- Just makes Cara look more outstandingly magnetic. And that's the length of my poetic skills.

1. The Original Cara Delevingne

Nothing hotter than a girl laughing. Unabashed or sheepishly, but truly happy. Cara has decided to dedicate her career to her passion: singing and acting. She loves performing for people and has been singing little bits to make people smile, since a kid. At a chance of her own recording, she visibly can't contain her glee. Isn't she truly beautiful now...

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