20 Hottest Pictures Of Carmen Electra

Tara Leigh Patrick, better known as Carmen Electa, has been one of the sexiest and most successful glamour model in the world. She's also an actress, television personality and a singer. These are the reasons why so many men and women fall for her.

20. Early Morning Workout

If you aim to keep your body slim, trim and healthy working out is the perfect way to start off. And who would make a better workout buddy than Ms Electra herself. She is ready to get her sweat on.

19. Her Wild Side

A simple yet lovely outfit. Carmen’s simplicity in this photo is just so breath-taking. A break from the seductive looks and body con dresses is always nice once in a while. Just pausing to enjoy the finer things in life.

18. Red Diva

Halloween seems to not only be a kid’s favorite holiday but adults too since they can dress up like anyone they desire. Carmen chose a red diva. It’s red and black all over for this lady from head to toe.

17. Butterflies Are Beautiful

This amazing butterfly ensemble which embodies Electra makes her look extremely magnificent. The picturesque view behind her also broadens the beauty that is Carmen in that dress. That flowing dress resembles flowers blooming in the spring time and butterflies everywhere.

16. Muy Bonita

Those celebrities sure know how to make a statement in the outfits they wear. Carmen is showing off some skin here. Her eyes, which are the navels of the face, sure does pop in that photo.

15. Print Outfit

This print crop top and matching skirt are a pair of knock outs. They are bound to turn head wherever they go. And being worn on such a curvaceous body like this one heads are bound to turn.

14. Crazy Hair Day

Letting her wild side loose it is very evident in her hair. She feels free enough to let her hair be all frizzed up and crazy. This is just another side of Carmen that we are seeing on display here.

13. Goddess In Lingerie

She loves her lingerie and let me tell you her lingerie loves her right back. Everything matches and compliments each other perfectly from the brassiere to the underwear to the heels. Everything in black and white like yin and yang.

12. Teacher Electra

Remember those teachers in high school whom all the girls loved and all the boys fantasied about? Carmen sure does resemble that teacher here. With the help of this dress she’s really got that homeroom teacher look down to a T.

11. Walking The Dogs

What was supposed to be as simple as walking her dogs tuned into a photo opportunity. Who walks their dogs in skinny jeans and heels? Surprisingly Carmen does. Adding a touch of class to everything she does.

10. Down Memory Lane

Even in her youth this actress looked amazing. With a smile that could light up your world and eyes that are just hypnotizing she always silences the room. In Hollywood Carmen is a force to be reckoned with.

9. Carmen Electra & Mel B

Carmen stops for a quick pic with friend Mel B. Carmen rocks her skinny jeans and heels with a red and black leather jacket. No matter how busy life gets it’s always good to have time for friends.

8. Innocent Angel

The red carpet could not have felt complete without an appearance from Carmen Electra. That white lacy dress sure does look admirable on Carmen. She adds a little purity in that dress to the red carpet.

7. Wallpaper

You can almost lose yourself in those day dreamy blue eyes or Carmen’s. Looking straight into it, it seems as if you are somewhat put into a trance. A picture like that makes an awesome wallpaper.

6. Fix That Car Carmen

Handed a wrench to fix that broken up engine of that beat old car Carmen stuns the viewers of this photo. Even a woman in silver stilettos can fix a car so there is no need to call a hauler.

5. Winter Babe

Winter is a time when in the animal kingdom animals hibernate but in the human world sexiness comes out. Carmen displays her sexiness in this winter lingerie letting us know how ready she is for that season to begin.

4. Bodacious Electra

The name Electra certainly does suit her because this lady sure does know how to electrify. 10,000 volts more because she rocks it in that red and black dress. Carmen you look electrifying under the night stars.

3. Lingerie Baby

I think I can almost see fire around this sexy lady here. Posing seductively in that purple lingerie. Bending on her hands and knees it’s almost as if she is taunting you to come meet her. Slow down Carmen!

2. Simply Black

Carmen’s petite body fills this dress so beautifully. It compliments her shape and outgoing attitude. She’s not afraid to show off those sexy legs. There is hardly a flaw in her. It’s just beautiful simplicity in a little black dress.

1. Baywatch Star

Who can forget her role on the popular series Baywatch? Saving lives on the beach in that red high V cut one piece swim suit. Always seemed to be running in slow motion. Who can forget that? She looked great.

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