50 Hottest Pictures Of Cristiano Ronaldo

The sexiest and most well paid soccer player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, has been heating things up on the pitch since he started playing semi-professionally at the age of 14. Amidst his scandals, stellar career and flashy lifestyle, Ronaldo has managed to stay relevant for many years. Let's take a look at some of his sexiest moments.

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ranked on January 22, 2017

50. Zig Zag

He sure loves to experiment with new haircuts! This one is especially distinctive with its sharp turns and corners, but nothing can take away from his good-looks.

49. Nostalgia

Even before the perfect eyebrows and the distinctive hair, Cristiano Ronaldo was a looker! You can see how his soft, boyish features evolved into the manly countenance that they are now.

48. Action shot!

It’s so hot seeing a man in action. Here, Cristiano Ronaldo in his element on the soccer field. He looks so focused and ready to score!

47. Mic check!

That headset is an interesting accessory to Cristiano Ronaldo’s chiseled features. With perfect eyebrows and obedient hair, he addresses his fans with a smile.

46. Thinker

Hmm, what’s on his mind? We may never know. But one thing is for sure: this man is sexy! His raised eyebrow add a playful element to this picture.

45. Ronaldo on wheels

He’s rolling around in a cap and enticing everyone with that flirty smile! Per usual, he looks great half naked and cycling down the road on his very casual bike. Gotta love Cristiano Ronaldo!

44. Suited up!

Nothing beats a handsome man in a well-fitting suit! This one hugs his body in all the right places, and the white accents and diagonal-stripes on the tie brings the look together nicely.

43. Exposed

There he goes again with that half nakedness that we can't get enough o (and our favorite muscles!). The orange and blue complement his washboard abs so well.

42. Suave!

Cristiano Ronaldo is suited up and turning heads as usual! His body is magnificently elongated in this tailored suit. His beauty mark is doing wonders to accentuate his features too.

41. Pristine

We need to have a discussion about those immaculate eyebrows. How does he get them to be so perfect? Although his eyebrows are slightly frowned, his beardless face is still irresistible.

40. Ready to roll

Look at him posing in his favorite underwear and sporting equipment. Ronaldo is easily the sexiest soccer player around! He’s probably thinking about his next goal!

39. Unrestricted sexiness

Easy there, Ronaldo. Are you undressing? That tie and shirt go great with that pearly-white smile and brown eyes. It must be nice to be you!

38. Baffling good-looks

Ronaldo, are you confused? We are too! It’s hard to understand how one man can be that sexy. The sheen on that buttoned-up shirt matches his hair perfectly.

37. Broad shoulders and so much more

Crazy hair and 6-pack abs are such a good combination! Ronaldo’s masculinity shines through, evidenced in his strong stance and brawny body. He’s so hot. No wonder so many women are in love with him.

36. Au Naturel

Is that a towel?He really does know how to tease the ladies! The enticing way he looks at the camera is bound to give anyone butterflies.

35. Patriotic Ronaldo

All decked out in his Portuguese soccer gear, the handsome footballer absolutely loves going shirtless on the field! Red and green look great on him. Go, Portugal!

34. Man in action

Walking around shirtless on the soccer field is a common occurrence with Cristiano Ronaldo. I’m sure his fans go wild every time they see his well-defined core!

33. A day off

As usual, he looks so hot in jeans. But his asymmetric, lopsided smile takes the cake in this picture. Who can resist him when he looks like that?

32. Elegantly casual

Casual and classy! Cristiano Ronaldo is the perfect combination of excellent style and good looks. He seems to love these blue jackets and suits, but we don’t mind.

31. Prince Charming

Hey, handsome! Purple looks so good on Cristiano Ronaldo. But as always, his best accessories are his powerful abs. They never disappoint the eager onlookers.

30. Lustful

Showing off the best of himself in his favorite brand of underwear. He really loves showing off to the camera! And just why wouldn't he love it? He's gorgeous!

29. Seductive

Oh, boy. That lip bite will have the girls screaming! Ronaldo’s hair is still in place as he warms up before his match. We hope to see him take his clothes off soon.

28. So handsome!

Look at that alluring face. With this picture alone, you may never imagine Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebrity status, but you would surely do a double-take when he passes. He’s so astonishingly handsome!

27. Field hair

Aww, such a handsome, genuine smile. His damp, disheveled hair is evidence that he’s been playing the sport he loves. Even fully clothed and without the fancy photo shoots, Ronaldo is still a charmer.

26. Color pop

Even when he’s splashed with blue and green powder, Ronaldo owns the look like the champion he is. Confidence and determination define this look – that’s probably what made him so successful in the first place.

25. Work all day, play all night

Cristiano Ronaldo would sure make an irresistible co-worker. That checked tie completes the office look on this hunk. His good-looks would be the subject of office chit-chat for months!

24. Too hot in here!

When you’re as hot as Cristiano Ronaldo, you just need to cool down! Of course, he needs an entire bucket of water because he’s always sizzling! He’s so sexy when he’s wet.

23. Can’t stop his shine

That slight lean back really emphasizes his fit body…among other things. Cristiano Ronaldo is the perfect eye-candy who outshines many other athletes.

22. Mr. Sexy

He’s sexy and he knows it! Just look at him strike a pose to show off his jeans and buttoned down waistcoat on his lusty body!

21. A peek at his playful side

He looks like he’s up to no good. Just take a look at that mischievous smirk! It makes you wonder what he’s thinking while he lies there in his brawny glory.

20. Disrobed and vulnerable

Take it off! While Ronaldo undresses his herculean body, he offers such a deep, sexy stare. It’s as if he wants some company while he’s horizontal. Any volunteers?

19. Refined

Have you ever heard of the shirtless gentleman? There he is! Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be showing off his charming smile and abs of steel while he courteously greets his admirers.

18. Caught mid-crunch

He’s really enjoying his modelling career! With his arms behind his head, he’s probably demonstrating how he does the work outs that gave him his iconic abs and triceps.

17. Guilty as charged

Whoops! Did we catch you at a bad time? It’s hard to resist staring when you’re so sexy. Only someone as good-looking as Cristiano Ronaldo can make this pose work.

16. Heart magnet

Yes, Ronaldo, protect your heart from the millions who want to steal it. Don’t you just love his pose in this picture? Blue is definitely his color.

15. Sexy V-tapered body

Red hot sexiness is oozing from this picture of Cristiano Ronaldo! We love looking at the hulky muscles on his v-shaped upper body.

14. The muscle god

Cristiano Ronaldo’s athletic, rock solid body is to die for. Muscles and definition galore! He loves showing it off in his favorite brand of underwear.

13. Dreamy

His body is always in tip-top shape. Sometimes it looks too good to be true! His finest features are evident in this picture, especially his boyish looks and chiseled body.

12. A classic man

Even with a vintage hairstyle, Cristiano Ronaldo’s hot body never goes out of style! He loves showing it off in his favorite CR7 briefs.

11. Waiting patiently

Cristiano Ronaldo looks so enticing in this picture! He surely isn’t afraid to show off his body while he waits patiently for the eager ladies.

10. Chilling out

Whoever he’s smiling at is the luckiest person in the world! He looks so relaxed in that position with a genuine smile and spiky hair.

9. Definition defined

These low-rise jeans intentionally show off his well-defined, rock solid pack of abs. The way he leans down is so sexy. It reminds you of the type of boys that your mother told you to stay away from, but you just can’t resist!

8. Perfect features

That square face and messy hair define Cristiano Ronaldo’s look. His features are accented by a well-fitting, blue plaid suit that contrasts nicely with his tanned skin tone

7. Dapper baller

His smile can light up a room! But in this picture, his right-swiped hair, cute satin bow tie, and flawless, chiseled features make his admirers swoon.

6. Hearts melt for this smile

Don’t you just love a handsome man with a crooked smile? Cristiano Ronaldo is especially hot in a suit! His earrings also add a nice accent to his youthful face.

5. Power stance

Even his neck is sexy, especially when it’s complemented with that muscle-shirt. How does he do it? He’s ready to take on the world – one kick at a time.

4. All eyes on him!

He sure knows how to get the attention of the ladies! That pose and enticing stare are guaranteed to work on anyone.

3. Muscle-man

Having a hot body isn’t easy, but we all appreciate the work that Cristiano Ronaldo puts into his. Look at how his abs steal the show from his burgundy pop of color.

2. Sizzling hot

Style, good-looks, and a modern hairstyle. What a steamy combination! The smooth satin finish on his suit complements his clean-shaven face nicely.

1. Full of mystery

His eyes seem like they tell a million stories. He’s so mysterious and so sexy with that deep stare! Those shades of blue go well on him too.

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