20 Hottest Pictures Of Eugenie Bouchard

Eugenie is one of the many reasons why we love watching tennis. The sports hotties has graced the covers on many magazines and her social media accounts are equally as delightful. These pictures have made us fall for her even more.

20. What a beauty!

I don’t know where she got her model talent from but she is sure putting it into good use. Eugenie is showing off her talent in this shoot.

19. Up close cutie

Bouchard looks super cute in this close up of her. Her smile is just beautiful.

18. Sensuality in the dessert

Here is the beautiful tennis star, posing for a picture in the middle of nowhere, looking like a tall glass of water than can quench our thirsts.

17. Pretty and playful

Eugenie’s playful side comes to light when she becomes surrounded by paparazzi on the beach.

16. Beach-ing

This is why one must have more than one swimsuit. Always at the beach, Eugenie is out at the beach again, this time for sports illustrated 2017.

15. Winner winner

Bouchard is pictured here holding her cup after a tennis tournament, all smiles for this champ.

14. Multi-talented

Eugenie is not limited to just one sport, she is about to show off her basketball skills in an All- Star celebrity game.

13. Hard work with play!

All work and no fun make Eugenie a dull girl! Eugenie is seen here posing with her tennis racket, while being all dressed up.

12. Beautiful sisters

Eugenie is enjoying her social life, as she is enjoying the company and dressing up for Halloween with her equally beautiful sister, Beatrice.

11. Magazine Model

Eugenie Bouchard has constantly landed bookings to be in the coveted Sports Illustrated magazine. We think that she really deserves it, especially with a face and body like that.

10. Pretty and flexible

Eugenie reveals her flexible athletic sides in this photo shoot for Nike campaign.

9. Tennis Babe

Eugenie attends the Team’s Dinner, and her natural beauty is eminent as her radiantly smiles for the camera.

8. Sportswoman

As a professional tennis player, Eugenie loves this sport and always puts her all into winning.

7. Beach Body Ready

Eugenie's body is always beach ready. She can thank her amazing tennis career for keeping her fit and in shape. The good looks are all her though.

6. Captain Eugenie

Playing Captain and enjoying the sea, Eugenie is an All- American sweetheart.

5. Beautiful and talented.

Eugenie is about to serve the ball in a tournament as seen here, even her facial expression says she’s ready for a fight, she’s not about to give up easily.

4. Self-love

Eugenie is always blessing the internet with her selfies, she’s clearly happy and loves to smile.

3. Sexy

Seen here in a hot royal blue peplum dress gracing the red carpet, what could be sexier than these toned legs with a beautiful peep toe pump.

2. Brains and beauty

Not just adorned with beauty but Eugenie also stimulates her mind, seen here in a library increasing her knowledge.

1. Bombshell Beauty

Eugenie looks absolutely stunning in this two piece neon colored bathing suit as she strikes a pose for sports illustrated.

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