20 Hottest Pictures Of First Lady Melania Trump

Melania Trump, born Melanija Knavs, is now the First Lady of the United States of America. Before that, apart from being the wife of Donald Trump, she was a very successful model, appearing in Vogue, Sports Illustrated and Vanity Fair. Now she has to cover up but we can still take a look at some of her sexiest photos before she entered the White House.

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ranked on January 22, 2017

20. Melania Knauss

The Slovenian model made it big time when she married billionaire Donald Trump. Today, she'll be sharing a bedroom with her husband in the White House and will take up the role as the First Lady.

19. Lingerie Babe

Back in the day Melania certainly modeled her fair share of lingerie, so much so, that the internet is filled with pictures of her perky butt. Those days are long behind her but the pictures are more present than ever.

18. Movie Buff

Melania managed to keep it sexy on the red carpet of the Men In Black 3 launch back in 2012. Who knew she liked watching Sci-fi movies? We certainly didn't.

17. Fashionista Melania

Melania has always been known to be fashionable. Here she is dressed in designer clothes with a bright and beautiful smile. We cannot stress how much we love seeing Melania smile.

16. Beach Babe

Even though she isn't wearing traditional swimwear, Melania looks so serene here and we approve. Her pink sweater is now plastered to her toned body and is showing two of her biggest and best assets.

15. The Land of the Free

Melania took this picture next the United States' coat of arms years before she even became a US citizen. Maybe this was some weird way of her letting us know that she'd be in charge some day.

14. Say Cheese!

This may just be one of the most real and genuine smiles that we've ever seen from Melania. And we love it! Whatever it is that made her so happy, we'd love it if it was a constant fixture in her life.

13. Pearls for Breakfast

Maybe this is just what rich people do, eat jewelry for breakfast. Either way, Melania looks stunning in the all-white dress, proving that she doesn't have to show a lot, to look good.

12. ....just wow

We're not sure what she's shooting at or why she's on a plane, but we definitely know whose plane it is. Melania left nothing to the imagination here and we're kind of speechless.

11. Sharp Shoulders

We're not fans of the shoulder pads, but the color looks great on her skin. We can also tell how toned those long legs of hers are.

10. Flower Power

Clearly this picture is of a younger Melania. We can tell that her body has been on point for a very long time and we can't hate on her for that. You go girl!

9. Reserved Yet Sexy

This may just be the most reserved that we've seen Melania before her husband began his campaign. She looks young, fresh, happy and vibrant. Honestly, we wish we could see her like this a bit more often.

8. All in Black

Melania is wearing the stuff out of this gorgeous black gown on the red carpet. There she is with her signature expression again. What did Tyra Banks call it? SMIZING!

7. Say Hi Girls

Somehow, Melania's girls always manage to be present in most of her pictures (not any more though). What's the old saying? If you've got it, flaunt it! She's definitely doing that here.

6. Stairway to Heaven

We aren't sure if she's going up or coming down, but we know that there are a long list of men and women who wouldn't mind following her to wherever her destination may be. Her hair color is really amazing here as well.

5. Prom Date At Your Service

We're not sure what kind of prom she's in command of, but we know lots of men would love the outfit. The shoes bring it all together.

4. Sky-high

Here, Melania is serving us some rich-lady-who-stole-her-man's-jet realness. Accompanied by her expensive jewelry and expression, you'd think that Donald Trump would barge in at any minute.

3. Fur and Metal

We would've never quite thought to pair fur and metal together, but the then-model known as Melania Trump, rocked the hell out of it. Hopefully she wasn't hurt because that thing looks sharp!

2. The Underwear Model

Here, Melania shows us exactly what she's working with in her state of undress. With the clothing is her signature model squint, which she has not stopped doing since ending her career.

1. Melania in the Nude

Pictured above is Melania at the zenith of power, addressing the United Nations in a designer Snuggie.

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