30 Hottest Pictures Of Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld killed it in Pitch Perfect 2 and has manged to stay in the game since the movie premiered. She's got brains, beauty and a voice that can make you fall in love. So we're showing our appreciation to this major babe with this album.

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ranked on January 22, 2017

30. Pool time!

There’s just something about the way she looks at the camera. So simple, yet sultry. The combination of pastel and deep-colored stripes add an extra element to show off the shape of her body.

29. Cutie

Maybe it’s her eyes, her hair, or the black leather, but this picture just captivates you. Hailee tends to do that. Here, she offers an innocent smile and a playful stare.

28. Wild side

Hailee carries this style so well! She looks like she’s ready to pounce in this stylish tiger-striped suit! Her shoes are to die for!

27. Surrounded by music

Hailee is comfortable around all things music. This picture has such a retro feel, but Hailee stands out to add a youthful flair to it while she’s drenched in lavender.

26. Loving the mic!

This songbird really loves working the mic stand! She keeps coming back for more! The high heels and patterned jacket are a great enhancement to this picture.

25. Bejeweled

A boom box for this music lover – such a perfect combination. Hailee Steinfeld never disappoints us with her sexy pictures, even in an over-sized bedazzled sweater.

24. Deflected beauty

Even with her head turned, Hailee Steinfeld still dazzles us. She loves working her angles and showing off her attractive side-profile. Adorned with prominent accessories, Hailee is the star.

23. Fun in the sun

Time for some sea, sand, and sun! She looks so pretty coming out of the water. That black bathing suit is modest, but she’s still smoking hot in it.

22. Rock star

Surrounded by speakers, this girl knows how to pose and make our hearts boom for her. Dressed in rock-star attire, Hailee plays the part well with her high boots and interesting clothing.

21. Sexy!

Fishnets, anyone? These never fail to be sexy. They look especially hot on Hailee Steinfeld’s legs! From her hair to her boots, this picture highlights Hailee’s alluring beauty.

20. Tantalizing

Gotcha! It’s just lipstick, and mannequin legs. But who cares? Isn’t she just beautiful? Her up-do hairstyle enhances the features on her flawless, oval face.

19. Teased hair, deep stare

Everything falls together nicely in this picture. Her striking beauty is hard to ignore as she stares back at you. Her crowning glory teasers her onlookers as it falls perfectly along her body.

18. Glamour girl

She’s all dolled up and ready to go! Soon, she’ll be smacking those hot-pink lips and fluttering her eyelashes. Hailee Steinfeld is always shining!

17. Drenched in denim

This blue jean suit looks impeccable on Hailee Steinfeld. And as usual, her eyes are the star of the party. They are so mysterious.

16. Supermodel status

Do you ever wonder what she’s thinking? Maybe she’s thinking about how good she looks in those jeans and polka-dot shoes! As always, her almond-shaped eyes steal the show.

15. Songbird

All eyes on her! She’s loving the spotlight during one of her performances. That sexy outfit masterfully highlights her curves, and those fishnet stockings add an extra zing!

14. Puzzled?

Hailee Steinfeld is so cute with her head turned to the side. Loving that curious look! Her hair steals the show as it falls gently on her chest.

13. Beauty among the chaos

There’s just something about messy hair! This is a perfect set up for such an attractive person, especially the hair, purple eye-makeup and natural lips.

12. Turquoise eyes

Looking good for her fans during that live performance! Her turquoise makeup is the highlight of the show, along with that leather pants and simple shirt.

11. Hailee-love

She loves herself and we love her too! Check out that leopard print jacket! She’s showing off a bit of her wild side, especially with those red lips.

10. Temptress

What a teaser! Props or not, Hailee looks so seductive in this picture. She looks down at her prey thinking about all the things she can do – or so it seems.

9. Dazzling!

She shimmers with beauty in this glamorous silver coat and black adornments. There is so much magic in this picture. Her matching eyes speak volumes.

8. Rider

Her leather jacket and sheer top work well together. Can’t you picture her as a biker girl? The look isn’t complete without that angelic smile.

7. Vampiresque

Smokey eyes and blood-red lips are the recipe for sexy! Haliee’s hazel eyes shine through her dark eye-makeup in such a passionate way.

6. Windswept hair

Ouch! This pic is too hot to handle! With the wind in her hair, and that over-the-shoulder stare, Hailee shows off how sexy she can be!

5. Patterned to perfection

Hailee Steinfeld seems to really patterned clothing! She’s enjoying these black and gold stripes on the red carpet. She makes them look great!

4. Hazel eyes

This girl knows how to touch your soul with those haunting eyes! The way her finger-teased hair caresses her face only adds to the mystery.

3. Sheer beauty

She’s so sexy with her slightly raised eyebrow and in that sheer outfit. It’s no question that Hailee Steinfeld is ravishing! Her hair falls in just the right places too.

2. Simply stunning

There’s something so sexy about her hazel-eyed stare and her parted lips. Her slightly tilted head adds a softer element to this picture. She is just gorgeous!

1. Ribbons of beauty

This interesting color combination just pops on Hailee Steinfeld. The yellow and black stripes embrace her body. She pulls off the look so well with her mesmerizing eyes.

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