30 Hottest Pictures Of Harry Styles

Harry Styles, one of the former members of One Direction is now on his own since the band broke up, but he's still just as sexy, if not more. The singer always keeps it funky with his outfits, and with a face like his, we just have to sigh contentedly.

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ranked on January 22, 2017

30. Crazy, Sexy, Cool

Harry Styles is the idea of perfection, amazing hair, great body and a smile that can melt any heart, what more can you want?

29. Ray of Sunshine

Harry Styles brings the sun to the beach in these cheeky yellow shorts as he plays a rousing game of beach volleyball.

28. Gorgeous Styles

Harry offers us a view of his breathtaking smile as his shirt is just the right bit of undone and his air curled to perfection.

27. Rough and Rowdy

On the set of “Dunkirk” Harry shows off his acting chops and his rugged good looks.

26. A ‘Styles’ Like No Other

With a name like "Styles", one would think it would be hard to live up to it. But Harry is always fashion forward, and keeps entertained with his crazy, yet amazing fashion choices.

25. Always Classy

Styles wows in this interesting floral and plaid shirt as he performs, looking very handsome with his tousled hair.

24. Sailor Harry

Styles sits on top a boat wearing a sailor’s hat and looking like a true tattooed man of the sea . He and Jack Sparrow could definitely be friends.

23. New Do, New You

Harry cuts off his signature long locks and tries out a new shorter do, showing off his chiseled jaw line. We think Harry would look great with any hair style, including being bald.

22. Cheers!

Harry enjoys a drink and gives the thumbs up letting us know it’s all good, with his tousled hair making him look angelic.

21. Too-Cute Dimples

Has anyone every noticed how cute dimples are on a man? Well the world stopped in awe to stare at Harry Styles' too-cute dimples, the by product of his amazing smile.

20. Melting Hearts

With just a smile Harry Styles melts hearts easily. He looks so dashingly handsome and his smile could brighten up the entire room.

19. Why So Serious?

Style’s pulls off a smirk seamlessly whiles his tantalizing eyes stares into your soul.

18. Model Behavior

Harry channels his inner model in the photo shoot showing off his handsome features and haunting eyes.

17. GOAL!

Harry showing off his sporting prowess by balancing a soccer ball on his foot. Rumor has it that Harry is a huge soccer fan; we're sure he'd look great in the uniform.

16. Casual is Key

Harry is the epitome of confidence looking very casual, wearing his hair down and exiting ‘The Nice Guy’ lounge.

15. Jungle Beast

Sporting a leopard print fur coat in the music video “Steal my girl”, Harry shows he is a wild animal in this get-up.

14. Cleans Up Nicely

Harry wearing a black on black suit and looking like a true gentleman, very dapper, demure and mature of him.

13. Hey There!

Here he is, reminding his fans of the sheer sexiness that is Harry Styles while he gives the thumbs up to the camera.

12. Nature Lover

Harry looks cheerful while frolicking in nature wearing a stripped blue and white coat and surrounded by pretty, little, pink flowers.

11. Rugged Styles

Styles channels his inner explorer as he looks quite rugged, reminiscent of a sexy, young Indiana Jones.

10. Poolside Hottie

Harry Styles’s enjoys a day by the pool , showing off his amazing body with his gorgeous tresses pulled into a messy man bun.

9. Man Bun Hun

Harry throws his long tresses in a messy man bun whiles out and about and shows off his handsome facial features. Did we mention how tight those pants are?

8. International Appeal

Looking very charming in a grey suit and plaid purple under shirt Harry serves up some major international appeal at the airport.

7. Goofing Around

Style’s sticks his tongue out for the photographer and looks most charming in a svelte jacket and black and white heart shirt. Did he read our minds?

6. Charming in Pink

If it's one thing that can be said about Harry Styles, it's that he isn't afraid to be adventurous with his clothing. Harry gives the thumps up in a polka dot pink shirt and black skinny jeans onstage.

5. Tattoo Turn On

Here is a close up of one of Style’s many tattoos; his heart tattoo only makes you want the real thing even more.

4. Rock star Persona

Here Harry is, bellowing out one of his songs, which was the perfect photo op for a striking image of the pop star.

3. Styles Styling

Harry offers up many dramatic poses with his rock star long hair and wearing a paisley button down shirt.

2. Winter Time Cold

Despite cold temperatures Harry manages to look sizzling hot wearing a white tee and black coat. This former 1 Directioner hasn't lost it at all.

1. Heartthrob Harry

Harry Styles wears a suit with a peek-a-boo opening in his undershirt, just enough to melt hearts. Add his dashing good looks and we're puddles of goo on the floor.

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