20 Hottest Pictures Of Hugh Jackman

Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe Award winner, Hugh Jackman, more commonly known as Wolverine, is an Australian born actor, producer, singer, dancer, guitarist and windsurfer. The ambidextrous, 48-year-old sculpture of a man was made for the big screens. Of the millions of photos he looks amazing in, check the 20 we like best!

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ranked on January 22, 2017

20. Avril's Sk8ter Boy with Panache

The heartthrob poses as an affluent but charming, carefree young man. Much of the trend of not caring about having too much, has risen from these sort of photos.

19. Healthy Hugh

The French Bulldog on the left is Hugh's dog Dali. He also has a poodle and is an avid dog-softy. Just when I thought nobody's perfect.

18. Hottie of the Opera

Besides earning a solid reputation in Hollywood action and drama, Hugh Grant is also phenomenal in Australian theater. A shot after a theatrical act.

17. Jackman. Hugh Jackman.

He's got the physique for action stunts, the lady-killer looks, and he pulls off a tux so well. Hugh Jackman would make an enormously billable 007.

16. Brawly and Dali

There's something so personal and hot about an affectionate guy. Somewhat like Hugh Jackman above. Here's him with Dali again.

15. The Wolverine

I can't really make a list of Hugh Jackman hot photos without this masterpiece. The X-Men series is what, after Kate & Leopold, escalated his stardom.

14. Front Cover Boy

Darren Tieste is a remarkable photographer. But I am so glad he chose to photograph Hugh Jackman to deliver us this delicious piece of art.

13. Mister Photogenic

There's a reason he was chosen as one of People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People in the World", five years in a row. He could wear rags and still be Prince Charming.

12. Hugh in a Leather Jacket

I often wonder how anyone wearing a black leather jacket instantly turns from nobody to rock star. But here's Hugh, again, slaying it, looking 10 times hotter than anyone you've seen in a leather jacket. Sorry leather-jacket-wear-ers.

11. Effortless in Jeans

It's like he doesn't even need to try to look or react in a particular way.

10. Soft Hughs (Hues)

Well, isn't this a sight for sore eyes. A simple, delicate and very married Hugh. Lucky Deborah.

9. Shirtless Jackman

I know you were waiting for Shirtless Jackman since Item No. 20. Here's your eye-candy. Australian actors are always, always at the beach. Also, I was from the Chest-hair-is-revolting Club, but I have so signed out now.

8. Van Posses-sing

Hugh Jackman grew out his hair to this ideal length for the movie Van Helsing. His eyes however, are naturally possessing and hypnotic that way.

7. The Elligible Bachelor

So I agree, Ryan Gosling is the most eligible bachelor right now, and many of you would have also got an immediate flash of him on a similar couch after seeing this. But it was King Hugh before he married and had 2 adorable kids.

6. Boy Next Door

Hugh Michael Jackman, stealing the hearts of women and girls alike since 1994.

5. H-aywatch

Who says beach-lying poses were only for women?

4. Shirtless Jackman No. 2

Here's another Shirtless Jackman for you. Australians really are always at the beach.

3. Bulletproof Logan

Okay so it's not real, it's comic. But the superhuman healing and wild-killer claws make his desirability rank jerk-jump 100 notches, doesn't it? Hyper-fan-girl-ing here.

2. The Old and the Beautiful

It's beyond me how someone like him can manage be to so mature and so good-looking at the same time. Same goes for George Clooney.

1. Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award Winner

And the award goes to Hugh Jackman. Sorry Gilderoy. This is our top photo of the hottest pictures of Hugh Jackman. Because we're suckers for a good smile, and his is a bright, heart-melting sun-ray. Also watch him make you smile in this hilarious past Oscars Video.

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