20 Hottest Pictures of Jaina Lee Ortiz

Jaina Lee Ortiz was born Jessica Ortiz in California but was raised in New York. She is known for her starring role as Detective Annalise Villa in a police drama called Rosewood. She has a hobby of dancing Salsa and that hobby was later turned into a profession. Maybe it is one of the reasons why she has a great sexy body. Let's find out how voluptuous her body is by looking at her incredible pictures.

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ranked on September 11, 2017

20. Resume Photo

If picture is only the basis in job application, you'll surely get hired immediately with this picture of yours, Jaina.

19. Apple of the Eye

You're a real delight in everyone's eye, Jaina. You look so glamorous in that outfit.

18. Fresh and Pure

Jaina looks so pure in her white dress. But whatever color of dress she's wearing, she will always be adorable and charming.

17. Up to Something

Whatever it is that you are thinking or planning, it will surely be a success because you look so determined in action.

16. Twist Personality

Is this really you, Jaina? You look so conservative yet so daring.

15. About to Cry

Even if you look so sad, you are still gorgeous and sexy. I love the way you handle yourself.

14. A Beautiful Doctor

If she's the kind of doctor you'll have in every hospital, you'll sure want to be checked up every single day.

13. Determined Jaina

She looks so serious and determined on whatever things or plans that are running on her mind.

12. Heavenly!

I feel like I am in heaven when I first see this picture of yours, Jaina. You look like an angel.

11. Everlasting Smile

This is the kind of teeth that everyone will surely want to have. Jaina looks so glorious.

10. Dream Come True

When a girl achieved a kind of beauty like yours, it's like a dream come true.

9. You're Sexy and You Know It

It's great to know that Jaina knows how sexy she is. All curves were all at the right places.

8. Lucky Snake

I am sure most men is envy of the snake because it is all over you.

7. Sold Out Item

Is it lipstick, lip balm or perfume? Whatever it is that you are showing or endorsing, consumers will surely buy it.

6. Sexiest Detective

If you're the kind of cop that will arrest every criminal, they will surely surrender in peace without any hesitation.

5. Jaina in Floral Dress

You're just as beautiful as the flowers in your dress, Jaina. Your smile is like the nectar in the flower and that's the reason why all the bees are all around you.

4. Perfect Pose

You've got all the angles right, Jaina. I barely noticed the sand because of you.

3. I Think I'm In Love

You're just so hot and sexy that I can't stop thinking of you.

2. So Sexy, So Very, Very Sexy

Where can you find a lady that is so sexy and so beautiful like Jaina?

1. See-Through Jaina

By looking at this picture, you make the imagination of any man run wild.

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