20 Hottest Pictures Of Jen Selter

Who would have known that Jennifer "Jen" Selter will become an Internet celebrity because of her large buttocks? In this world where sharing pictures is just at the click of our fingers, it is not an unusual occurrence. Besides from being an Internet celebrity, Jen Selter is also a fitness model. Let us all stop for a moment and give time to her incredibly sexy pictures.

20. Did You Lose Weight?

You don't have to lose weight Jen. You have the sexiest body every man could lay their eyes on.

19. Truly Amazing

Are you sure you know what you are doing Jen? It is just so amazing! I can't believe my eyes.

18. Throw That Ball

Throw it now and everyone will surely love to catch it.

17. No Picture Please, I'm Not Ready

You don't have to get yourself ready Jen. Anytime is always the best time for you to take photos because you are such a wonderful creature.

16. Oh My! That's Heavy!

Do you really have to do that Jen?

15. Secret Admirer

Do you know who he is Jen? I doubt if you do because I know you have many admirers.

14. Wake Up Jen

It's time for your yoga session.

13. The Secret Juice

Is it your secret to your beautiful body Jen?

12. Exposed Beauty

Her beauty is worth showing and sharing.

11. Perfect From Head to Toe

Jen surely knows she has everything a girl could ask for.

10. Unbelievable Jen

It's a rare talent and you just have it Jen. You're really amazing!

9. Push It Hard

If you want to have a body like Jen's, you really have to work hard for it.

8. Someone is Coming

Yes, you are right Jen. Someone is coming to get you.

7. The View You Didn't Want to Missed

If only Jen Selter knew that she's more beautiful than the view outside.

6. Where's My Dog?

Jen has been looking around for her dog.

5. Climb Up High

Let us climb with you Jen.

4. Captain Girl

If every captain in the boat is like her, it's definitely fun.

3. Proud to be American

If every woman in America has a butt like hers, I am sure everyone is proud.

2. The Perfect View

Probably the best view of her body.

1. Undeniable Sexiness

If there's one word to describe Jen Selter, that is absolutely "sexy".

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