20 Hottest Pictures of Jenna Dewan Tatum

Jenna Dewan Tatum is an American dancer and actress. She began her career as a backup dancer for Janet Jackson and she's widely known for her role in the movie Step Up. No nned to mention but she's one sexy woman!

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ranked on November 29, 2017

20. Magical Black

Her modern black dress is almost like a part of Jenna's body. She looks astonishing.

19. Flying Jenna

She has a real dancing career and sometimes she can fly so high that she can reach the sky!

18. Goldy and Sexy

Jenna's night dress is superb and really shiny but nothing can shine brighter than her!

17. Wild in Disguise

Jenna might be really cute but actually a wild tiger lives inside her soul. That tiger might be saying hello in the photo!

16. Fit and Natural

It takes a lot of effort to have such a body. Jenna is also working hard to be fit.

15. Ocean Blue

Jenna is literally like a drop in the ocean. Her skirt shows her perfect curves.

14. Warrior in White

Doesn't she look like an ancient warrior with this outfit? She is confident and sexy as an Amazon!

13. Cat Steps

Jenna is as elegant as a kitten in the photo. With a shirt and her underwear, we know she's way more than a kitten.

12. Dancer in Style

Did you know Jenna was a backup dancer for Janet Jackson? She really seems to be a professional when it comes to dancing.

11. Glamorous Green

Jenna's green outfit is so good on her that it's hard to take your eyes off her. She's as thin as a leaf and beautiful as a goddess.

10. She is in the navy now

She looks stunning in this low-cut navy dress. The one who she is talking to is so lucky.

9. Sand castles

Jenna seems so happy on the beach. I think she loves to build sand castles.

8. Hook and cook

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach and she knows that!

7. Woman in orange

She is quite eyeful and very sexy in this pastel orange dress. It is obvious that she knows how to choose a good color for herself.

6. Mediterranean breeze

Jenna is looking like those hot Italian women who eat pizza and pasta all day but are still skinny.

5. Think pink

She looks so cool in this light pink blouse. I think this is her color.

4. Run to me

PETA declared her one of the "Sexiest Vegans" of 2017? Don't you think they're right?

3. Fame it is!

Do you remember the hit 80' movie The Fame? Jenna is sexy as much as those dancers in this retro style leggings.

2. She is the one

Natural sunlight looks divine on her. Or should I say she makes everything divine?

1. Dancing queen

She is dancing since she was 5. It means she has earned this gorgeous body and we're thankful for that.

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