20 Hottest Pictures Of Jordyn Woods

Jordyn Woods is the daughter of an LA socialite and the best friend of Kylie Jenner- and you know all Kylie's squad members are hot. Not only that, the beautiful teenager is a plus-size model, signed to numerous agencies around the world. Surely this girl has to be on fire to be so successful!

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ranked on January 22, 2017

20. Pool, anyone?

She’s a woman of style! Check out how this cut-out monokini emphasizes her curves and shows off her beautiful skin tone! She’s so gorgeous!

19. Smile a while

Jordyn looks happy as ever here, as she shows off her curves. She’s pretty as a picture! Adorned in that white robe, she looks like a queen ready to take her throne.

18. Summer body? Check!

Who wants to go to the pool? Jordyn does! She’s decked out in this mint-green bikini, showing off her flawless, curvy body. Gotta love her hips!

17. Ready for attack

There is no denying that Jordyn Woods is a knock-out beauty! The proof is in this picture. Her wet hair and mustard-colored hand wraps are so sexy.

16. Head-turner

Her confidence, body, and flair make this pic so alluring. Ripped jeans have never looked this good! Jordyn’s curvy body makes these simple clothes so glamorous.

15. Angel in disguise

She looks so pure and sexy in this picture! Her long, jet-black hair is a striking contrast to her milky-white attire. The purple highlights on her eyes complete the look in a sultry way.

14. Lean back

We can always rely on her to look good! She’s looks so calm and cool just leaning on that bar. With her foot on her knee, she highlights her sexy, thick legs and shows off some of her best features.

13. Lunging on the court

Work it, girl! Sport wear is so alluring on her, especially when she’s in the heart of the action. The way she lunges and grabs that bar puts her body in a sexy alignment. Only Jordyn could pull that off.

12. Dazzling good-looks

She’s so classy and sexy! Her dress isn’t the only thing shining in this picture; her eyes seem to tell a million stories! The contrast between her blue-black glitter dress and blonde curls is perfect.

11. Glowing

Jordyn loves teasing her admirers. Check out at that lip tug! She’s so seductive and sexy! She is illuminated perfectly here, and her beauty takes the spotlight.

10. Caught up in her stare

Even with her arms suspended, Jordyn captivates us with her eyes. She is looking great in that outfit too. It’s perfectly accessorized by her long hair.

9. Sporty girl

Sneakers, bodysuit, and rope – not many people can make this look good! She’s sporty, sexy, and knows how to look at the camera to make some hearts flutter.

8. Black & white beauty

With or without color, she is still a stunner! With a pose like this, she looks like a supermodel. Her body suit and black tights accentuate her figure perfectly.

7. Simplicity at its best

Wow, such a simple picture, yet so mesmerizing. Jordyn’s piercing eyes own this picture, along with her accentuating makeup, and full, sensual lips. Simply astonishing.

6. Flirty girl

She’s such a tease with messy hair and her tongue out. This girl knows how to have fun when she’s modelling! She looks so good in white too.

5. Say no more

Oh, la la! As usual, she leaves us speechless with her style and beauty. That sexy white bodysuit embraces her body perfectly, while her hair playfully caresses her face.

4. Pretty perfect in blue

Who can resist that girl-next-door smile? She’s such a cutie! This jeans dress hugs her body in all the right places, and her legs in those leather boots are the icing on the cake!

3. Natural essence

She can’t hide her beauty in those earthy colors. It’s a perfect balance of style and comfort in her own skin. Doesn’t she look great?

2. Body love

She is really working the camera in this pic. You can tell that she is proud of her voluptuous hips and appealing body. She is just loving her curves in this black bodysuit.

1. Perfect shades of pink

With her watermelon lips and bubblegum dress, Jordyn has found the formula for beauty! She shows off her curves in this smug dress, and looks so confident doing it!

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