20 Hottest Pictures Of Katy Perry

Katy Perry, the singer behind the California Girls song, and the woman with a liking for fruit outfits has wormed her way into our hearts since she first hit the scene. She's beautiful, talented and very sexy.

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ranked on January 22, 2017

20. The Golden Globes

Katy Perry had her golden globes on display at the Golden Globes in 2016. She looked absolutely fabulous in her low-cut pink dress and matching makeup.

19. Back to Black

If Katy Perry's outfit doesn't make you want to buy it, salivate or wonder what's underneath, then you've got problems. Her body, vocals, fashion sense and personality are all on point. She is just perfection.

18. Rawrr!

Katy, Katy, Katy, just what are you trying to do to us with those sexy outfits and sultry stares?Here, Katy is posing for some pictures for the July 2011 issue of Esquire magazine.

17. Hot Even When She's Not

Katy Perry is smoking hot, even when she's not all dolled up with makeup, fancy outfits and sky-high stilettos. Here she is in Miami.

16. Not PG-13

If Katy Perry's hotness could be measured, it would surely surpass the PG-13 level. She would be rated R, for being too ravishing. Here she is in a two-piece outfit at the 2013 Kids Choice Awards.

15. Stripes and Body

We may not be fans of the green hair, but we are loving this outfit. Only Katy could pull of this formfitting athleisure-type dress.

14. Kat-y Perry

This is what you call a real catsuit. Katy is wearing the life out of this outfit. The heels, color combination, the fake ears and the ball of yarn make us just want to give her some cream to drink. Meow!

13. California Cupcakes

This picture shows Katy on the set of one of her most popular songs: California Girls. She's wearing one of her original cupcake bras. As if her assets weren't delectable enough already.

12. Bombshell Bob

Pictured here is Katy attending one of the many awards shows that she always gets invited too. As per usual, the girls are on display and they look amazing. She's also rocking a shorter cut than normal, but we're definitely digging it.

11. The Hottest Space Traveler You'll Ever See

You don't always have to show skin to be sexy, and Katy proves that point in this picture. The leather corset and gunmetal catsuit are just too hot! And they emphasize her assets perfectly.

10. Leather and Lace

Leather and lace are a classic hard meets soft combination. Here, Katy is seen wearing some thigh-high leather boots, along with a form-fitting mostly leather and a little lace body suit. The Beyonce hair just adds to the drama of the look. It was part of one of her Maxim shoots.

9. So Much Body

Katy Perry absolutely smashed the looks that she did for GQ's February 2014 cover. The swimsuit showed just enough, the red lip had us wanting more and those eyes....

8. Black is Back

We love seeing Katy in color, but she's also able to kill it in all black. The pop star is certainly killing this black on black, leather and lace get-up. The padlock earrings add a nice touch too.

7. Rolling Stone or Rolling Lemons?

Pictured here is bombshell Katy Perry posing for her shoot for Rolling Stone Magazine back in August of 2010. Her sexy cut-off denim jeans and matching denim bustier are definitely doing it for us.

6. Assets Galore

Katy Perry put those lovely assets of hers on display in a skintight green gown to attend the 2013 Grammy Awards in LA. Needless to say, she was definitely on the best-dressed list that year.

5. Weird But We Love It

The sharp hips aren't really working for us, the the nude slit down the middle of her pants makes us droll a bit. Not to mention that sh'es also drawing attention to her chest area with the placement of her hands.

4. Skin-tight Latex

Katy has always been known for her somewhat outrageous outfits. What's outrageous in this picture is how perfectly the dress fits her, shows of the girls and how the colors bring out her fun personality.

3. Striped Bikini

This is a picture of Katy Perry in a bikini.

2. Katy for Maxim

Katy appeared on Maxim's 2011 January issue in this sexy black bodysuit and hot-red heels. Her smokey-eye makeup brings out the amazing color of her eyes even more.

1. Stripping Down for GQ

This photo of Katy Perry was taken for the February 2014 issue of the gentlemen's magazine GQ. Katy is seen here wearing some not too revealing, yet still sexy lingerie. We can only imagine that this was in time for Valentine's Day. The video shows some behind the scenes moments of Katy's Rolling Stone Magazine shoot.

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