20 Hottest Pictures of Laura Spencer

Laura Spencer played the role of Emily Sweeney on the CBS television series The Big Bang Theory. She is also known as Jane Bennet in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a 2012 web series. Let us all take a break from a busy work and relax our eyes as we explore Laura's amazing, stunning and magnificent pictures.

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ranked on September 11, 2017

20. Glowing and Blooming

Laura's beauty is glowing. Anyone can see it in this picture.

19. Happy Thoughts

Laura must be thinking of happy moments when this photo was taken. It shows in her face.

18. Time to Sleep

After a long and busy day, take your time now to have a beauty rest.

17. Long Sexy Neck

I didn't know you have a long beautiful neck Laura until I saw this picture.

16. I Love Your Hair

There is one thing that is noticeable in you in this picture. Do you know what is it? It is your hair. I like its color and style.

15. Appreciation of Blessings

Is there anything you're looking up, Laura? Or are you just praying and saying thank you for all the blessings that you are receiving?

14. Love at First Sight

You really look like a sweet little girl in this picture, Laura. I am sure many guys will fall in love with you at first sight.

13. Happy and Content

If you're wondering what you would look like being happy and satisfied, wonder no more! Just look at this Laura's picture and you'll see.

12. Where Do I Begin?

I am confused on where to begin in describing you. You've got everything.

11. Do You Know Where You Belong?

You belong to the most beautiful and desirable group of women.

10. Weird Tattoo

You've got this eccentric but creative taste in getting a tattoo. Nevertheless, you're still beautiful.

9. Blonde Hair with Mysterious Eyes

You've got me stunned as I look into your eyes. It says a thousand words that cannot be comprehend.

8. Sweet, Innocent Girl

You look so naive yet so beautiful in this picture, Laura.

7. Big Round Eyes

Your eyes say that you really love what you are about to taste.

6. Confused Laura Spencer

Still thinking of your hairstyle? No need to think because whatever hairstyle you have, you will still look charming and adorable.

5. Gentle Personality

Your timid smile shows like you're a shy person. You have this aura like you are a soft spoken person.

4. Emily Sweeney of The Big Bang Theory

Why does it sound Emily Sweety to me? Is it because you look sweet as candy?

3. Quiet Type but Sweet

Why do you look so kind and so sweet to my eyes?

2. Flowers for Whom?

The receiver of the flower must be very special to you, Laura. You must be very excited to give the flowers to the person you love.

1. Face of an Angel

Did you know that you look like an angel in this picture, Laura? Your face is so meek and gentle.

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