16 Hottest Pictures Of Lindsay Lohan

Who is Lindsay Lohan? You will probably remember her as the cute little girl who played the role of identical twins in the movie The Parent Trap. She's also the girl in 2004 movie Mean Girls. Enough of her movies, let's go straight to her pictures that you'll surely want to see.

16. Secret Revealed

I know there's still more secrets that she's going to reveal and that's what we are going to check out.

15. Stairway to Heaven

She's like an angel that will go up in heaven.

14. Captivating Beauty

She's amazingly beautiful in this photo. I was captivated the moment I saw it.

13. The Eyes that Launched a Thousand Words

I love her eyes in this picture. I was mesmerized when I look at it.

12. Hard to Forget

One of the unforgettable smiles I ever see.

11. Cupid Girl

The hottest cupid you'll see. I'm sure you want to be hit straight to your heart.

10. Dark Eyes

He's wearing black and it just suits the color of her eyes.

9. Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Will you be able to move if Lindsay Lohan is facing you like this?

8. Hello, Pizza Delivery

"Let me do it, let me!" That's the shouting you will hear in pizza parlor.

7. Headache, Go Away!

The pain will be gone but her beauty will not.

6. I'm Tired, I Want to Sleep

Even when tired, she's still pretty as ever!

5. Where's My Hair Tie?

Everyone around her will surely help her find the hair tie.

4. Red Bull or Me?

What if she ask you that exact question? I'm sure I know your answer.

3. Hot Ice

She is like an ice. You'll feel cold whenever it's around but when you hold it even for a little while, you'll feel hot.

2. Red Hot Lindsay

She is the type of girl every man wants in his sofa.

1. Oh La La

What's my name again?

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