20 Hottest Pictures Of Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos is a beautiful and talented woman. She can dance, act, she's a journalist and a professional wrestler. The pictures we're about to show you prove why so many people love her.

20. Fountain of Beauty

The fountain of beauty was thought only to be a myth and a mere imagination of a mad person. But here it has come to life. When one sticks their hand into it, they become so beautiful that it hurts.

19. Patriotic Swim Wear

Red, white and blue. The colors of a free nation now become the colors of a sexy diva’s swim suit. Looking good and being patriotic at the same time I see Maria. Keep making America proud.

18. Xtra Abs

Extra extra. Maria shows off the killer abs that she has worked so hard for. After a hard day at the gym, it feels good to relax, hydrate and show off your hard work. No harm in that.

17. Bright smile, bright bikini

Like the beautiful cherry blossom which blooms radiantly this star blossoms all the time. Never misses out on the opportunity to have her photo taken even if it’s on the red carpet or just to show off that body.

16. Snacking At Work

Even throughout our busy schedules there should always be time for a healthy snack. Maria gives us that live example here. Showing us that healthy snacks go a long way. With yogurt, nuts and raisins you can never go wrong.

15. Up Close & Personal

Getting up close and personal with Maria and we are glad that we did. That broad smile and perfect teeth are just ravishing. Not to mention that mole on her right cheek that she was blessed with. Absolutely riveting.

14. Picasso On The Stairs

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and it’s no different with Maria. Posing on the stairs of her house looking like one of Picasso’s masterpieces, she showcases not only her beauty but her diamond earrings and ring.

13. Maria, Maria

Parties are always better when other persons attend. But not just anyone persons who are friends. Maria and her monkey pal look ready to party in their ensembles. But who says you should miss photo ops at the party.

12. Joggers

Maria shows her support to cancer patients and research at this event. The writings on her shirt syncs with the purpose of the event perfectly. Maria stands up to cancer in her joggers and stilettos and looks powerful doing so.

11. Lady in the Park

One sunny day, a lovely young lady decided to have a seat in the park. Unknowingly to her it turned into a photo op. She looked glaringly into the distance while the photo was taken and it looked amazing.

10. Navy Blue Dress

And this is the reason for which body con dresses were created. For women like Maria who own die hard curves to wear. This dress conforms perfectly to the exquisite shape of Maria’s body making it something to marvel at.

9. Gold & Silver

Gold and silver are two very priceless jewels which Maria wears proudly in the form or a dress. The very definition of high class sophistication. Oxford cannot find a better definition for that word even if they try to.

8. Black Vixen Menounos

It’s amazing how much of an authoritative statement those little black dresses always seem to make. The statement is even more resounding when someone as hot as that wears it. Statement noted Maria. Keep looking good.

7. Eat Your Heart Out

Yep I am definitely eating my heart out now. Looking all classy and elegant in her high waist skirt, Maria makes a bold statement in her outfit as always. Even the backdrop behind her agrees. Reading “Hearts on Fire”.

6. Amazingly Multi-colored

Like looking at a magnificent rainbow after a rainy day. Rainbows remind us of how beautiful life can become after a troublesome situation. A vivacious beaut in rainbow colors paints an awesome picture of this thing called life.

5. Glistening Beauty

Maria dazzles in her glistening white dress while strutting a pose that only a beauty can manage. Her bright smile and healthy looking hair makes her whole attire from head to toe look well put together. Glistening like the sun.

4. Tropical Maria

The Caribbean has invaded the United States. Maria spotting that tropical dress brings out the true flavor a relaxing day at the beach sipping on a coconut. Who wouldn’t want to sip a coconut with her at their side?

3. Rocking It Casual

Putting those well-oiled legs on display in a short pants like that can only mean one thing and that is that summer is here. She didn’t stop there though she completed the look with a white crop top and smile.

2. Beach Bum

Here those curves go again! Showing themselves off even more dynamically in that swim suit. Not to mention the belly ring. I think she’s on a mission and that is to knock us dead with her beauty.

1. Oooh La La

Even those womanly curves of Maria’s look unbelievable. And a wide smile that absolutely melts your heart away, we couldn’t ask for a better picture than that. Maria just looks so sweet like you could eat her up.

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