20 Hottest Pictures of Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard is a French actress widely known with her academy award winning role in La Vie en Rose in 2007. She is a unique diva with her beauty, elegance and sexy nature.

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ranked on November 29, 2017

20. Like a spring flower

Marion Cotillard is like a breeze from the sea. She is always fresh and light, putting a smile on everyone's face.

19. Outstanding elegance

Maybe it's because she's French or maybe she is just born with it but there is not one single photograph of her without elegance.

18. Nostalgic red

We can totally picture her as an attractive young woman living in the 50's nostalgically. That red lipstick of hers says it all.

17. Trademark hair

There is a thing called Marion Cotillard hair. It must be great to have a brand of hair.

16. Center of attention

No matter how natural she is, Marion Cotillard is always the focus point in a room. How simply gorgeous she is with a white shirt.

15. Fresh as a flower

Marion is a delicate flower in full bloom. She always makes you happy to see her.

14. Metropolitan girl

Marion Cotillard is a highly preferred actress for remakes of old movies. This photo should be a recreation of the famous movie Metropolis.

13. Wizard of Marion

She looks like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. Only she lacks her red shoes and let's face it Marion is way more attractive than Dorothy!

12. Glowing beauty

She is always so chic and classic at the same time. It's only Marion's ability to look so sexy and so classy at the same time.

11. Marion at home

It's not hard to imagine Marion at home when she's watching TV in that outfit. Yes, she's still smoking hot even with her pajamas.

10. Drop dead gorgeous

She is like a goddess in this maroon coloured dress. She must be coming from outer space.

9. Woman in gold

Who can resist to a woman in a lame dress from the 60'. We love her outfit!

8. Rules, rules, rules

She definitely knows the rules of being sexy. Her outfit is an evidence for that.

7. Black Elegance

She is gorgeous in this black dress. And her hair style is sexier than the dress.

6. Always attractive

She is hot even in a daily dress. What do you think; it is her body or sexy look?

5. A True Parisienne

Marion is from Paris, France. She has all the specifics of a parisienne; beauty, elegance and fragility.

4. In shadows

She is a woman of many talents; she plays, she sings and also she writes. Oh, what a woman!

3. Blondie?

A pinch of Goldie Hawn and a handful of Meg Ryan. Ta daa! Blonde Marion Cotillard. Yes we loved her this way too but don't you think brown is better.

2. A natural

Marion is kind of a woman who is always sexy. She doesn't have to try hard because she is a natural.

1. a

She seems like a kitten but she has a wild side too. Frankly, we like her that way.

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