20 Hottest Pictures of Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik is a young American actress widely known for her role in Big Bang Theory but that's not all! She has a PhD degree, she is the mother of two and most importantly she knows how to be sexy!

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ranked on September 11, 2017

20. Gyppsy Soul

Mayim Bialik has a colourful personality. That's why she can carry all colours with such elegance.

19. Classic Red

Despite her roles as a comedy actress, she can sometimes have a very classic appearance. She almost looks like she's from 1800's in this photo.

18. A Drop From the Ocean

Did you know her name meant "water" in Hebrew? She looks as refreshing as the ocean with her navy dress.

17. An Angel in White

It is surprising how various Mayim's style can be. She is absolutely glowing like an angel in that white gown.

16. Princess Blues

Being tall serves Mayim very well. She can carry the heaviest dresses with such ease and still look great in them.

15. Wildly Modern

Black leather jackets are for bad girl but Mayim is purely beautiful in this photo. With her long dark hair, she is irresistible.

14. Natural Smile

A sincere smile is the strongest weapon of a woman and Mayim has that warming smile right on her face.

13. Yes, Madam!

She really is adorable with that dark blue suit. So dominant that she can get anything she wants done.

12. A Real Woman

Mayim has a very attractive woman in her soul. You can see how that female jumps out when she puts on make up and a gorgeous dress.

11. Black Icon

Black is always a good idea. With her moderate make up and fancy black dress, Mayim is a killer!

10. Natural Born Vamp

Doesn't she look like a gothic character from a dark tale? Mayim can be sweet, sexy and vamp at once!

9. Seriously Black and White

Smoking hot with a black and white outfit, Mayim would surely be the most popular worker in an office. She truly knows how to blend her style with every type of fashion.

8. Tropical Joy

How truly she laughs under the sun! A cheerful attitude is what captures a man by heart and we're sure Mayim has captured many before.

7. Sparkling Beauty

Mayim doesn't need those sparkling dresses to shine out. She already has a glowing face with a unique beauty.

6. A stylish woman

Mayim is one of a kind in this tweed coat and the stylish hat. I think she would really fit a historical role.

5. Big bang

Meet Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler and her prolonged fiancé Sheldon. What a cute couple. We love them!

4. Like a virgin

Mayim stands for Miriam in Hebrew. Then, can we call her also Madonna?

3. Black Pearl

Black is definitely her color. In this dress she is stunning. Her sunglasses is a plus.

2. Purple Swan

Mayim may look like a fragile flower but she sweeps the podium confidently in Elie Saab fashion show.

1. A neuroscientist?

Both Mayim and Amy are holding PhD degrees in the field of neuroscience. What a coincidence!

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