20 Hottest Pictures of Megan Fox

Megan Fox is a young American model and actress, who is the dream of every men. She is widely known for her role in Transformers and the TV series Hope & Faith.

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ranked on November 29, 2017

20. Red is Her Color

Megan Fox is beautiful in a way that can't be put into words. However, she is more than beautiful when she wears red.

19. Good Morning Sunshine

I think she is trying to get herself some coffee to wake up. Look how desperately she is waiting for her morning coffee!

18. Hey Teacher!

Megan is like a teenager student with her naughty look on her face. I wonder if her teacher can keep his heart still.

17. Run Megan Run!

It's amazing how Megan can be so sexy even when she is afraid for her life. Adrenalin sure looks good on her.

16. Silver Secret

Megan started her dance courses when she was 5 years old. It's not hard to visualize her tap dancing in that silver lingerie.

15. Princess of the Stage

Megan is always elegant no matter if she is dressed or not. Anyone could have mistaken her with a princess in that red dress.

14. Simply Red

Did you know Megan was a real outcast when she was in high school? Well, look at her now, we can't imagine anyone who wouldn't like her.

13. Blue Eyes

The depth of Megan's eyes can capture one's attention for hours. So blue and so soft.

12. Dark and Mysterious

She can be dark, she can be innocent and she can be intimidating but she is always fabulous.

11. Nostalgic Attractiveness

Everybody is amazing in black and white. Megan? She is killing it with that vintage lingerie.

10. Librarian Megan

She has the seriousness of a librarian, right? Modest or naked, Megan has it all!

9. Car Wash

She looks terrific even she has grease on her face and hair. I wish I had a Bumblebee too.

8. Black Swan

She looks fragile like a swan but I am sure she has the power of a wild tigress!

7. Cleopatra is still alive

She attended Golden Globe Awards 2009 in this golden dress. In this picture she is s looking like one of the most powerful female figures in the entire history; Cleopatra!

6. Megan in her daily look

She has an ability to hypnotise even she is not looking directly and she is stunning even with her light make up and daily look.

5. She means the world to me

She is gorgeous in these maroon lingerie. And no other women have seductive look like hers.

4. Super-duper Woman

Ah Megan, you're my kryptonite..! I think she would be the best Super Woman ever!

3. Sweet Valentine

I wish she would be my high school valentine. That would be awesome!

2. Megan on her bed

Megan loves to idling in bed and her red lipstick is amazing on her lips.

1. She is the one

She is one of the sexiest women alive. I think she is a goddess who has fallen from Mount Olympus to the Earth!

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