20 Hottest Pictures of Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is a young American actress widely known for her role in the TV series Suits. She's also famous for she is the bride-to-be of English Royal Family in May 2018 and yes, she's irresistibly hot!

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ranked on November 29, 2017

20. White lily

Meghan resembles a spring flower in all whites. It also makes sense when you think soon she's going to be a bride.

19. Modern and sexy

Her long hair dancing in the air looks so tempting on her. She's very attractive with her black simple outfit.

18. Night night gorgeous

She looks like she's headed to bed after a long day. That whole leg covered in lace will keep any man up for a while though.

17. Princess on the run

Did you know she was just engaged to Prince Harry? No matter what, she has the princess attitude by herself already.

16. Yoga warrior

Meghan's mom is a yoga instructor in California. She must have learned these yoga poses while she was growing up at home.

15. Successful Actress

She has been on TV for longer than 6 years. She is always attending award ceremonies in style for her career as well.

14. Fashionable and cool

She looks almost like a fashion blogger in this photo. We wonder if she's getting any professional advice about her outfits because they are all awesome.

13. Vacation in style

We'd like to imagine she's visiting somewhere in South of France with her relaxed but awesome style. She would be a great travel companion, don't you think?

12. Interview room

She has such a busy schedule and she has many interview offers. Even so, she never looks tired or gives up about being drop dead gorgeous.

11. Tango flame

She has the fierce beauty of tango dancers in this photo. That fume dress with long V neck is smoking hot on her.

10. Natural

She definitely knows how to dress herself up. We love the harmony of the dress and the shoes.

9. She has a style

Meghan looks stunning in that beige jacket and skirt. Her blue clutch and the greenery before her made the scene spectacular!

8. An apple?

She mostly follows a disciplinary diet but still she loves to cook and eat. Don't you wish to eat something out just from her hand.

7. Holiday style

Being on holiday can be exhausting too. In the picture, she is resting somewhere in Amalfi. Of course in style!

6. A princess

If you want to be her Prince Charming please be aware that you should be a real prince.

5. Black Beauty

Three words is enough to describe her in this black dress; elegant, fragile and rare.

4. A fairy tale

I have so many questions in my mind. Is this an ordinary beach on an ordinary island or a royal beach in a distant sub-tropical royal island?

3. Long long legs

With those long, long legs she looks like Julia Roberts in the hit movie Erin Brokovich and we love Julia too!

2. Interesting education life

Meghan recently retired from acting for her royal training. Did you know her royal training also includes some courses for possible hostage situations?

1. Prince's favourite

She is one of the sexiest women in Hollywood and it is obvious why the Prince has set an eye on her.

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