27 Hottest Pictures Of Miranda Lambert

Miranda Leigh Lambert–Shelton (married to Blake Tollison Shelton) is a 31-year-old American country music artist who finished in the 3rd place on the 2003 season of Nashville Star and later signed to Epic Records; and from then on, she achieved her stardom. Not only does she have a superb voice but she also definitely has a beautiful face and body. Check out her list of sexiest photos.

27. Flabbergastingly Beautiful

Miranda is candidly gorgeous in this purple dress that complements her figure. Her appealing façade is displayed with art and perfection.

26. Simply Bodacious

As an adored country singer, Miranda knows her style that can display her music genre. She looks astounding in this white top and denim jeans.

25. Gracefulness and Refinement

Miranda is impressively beautiful in this leopard-print dress. Her voluptuous body is, without a doubt, accentuated in this style.

24. Mesmerizing

Miranda is one good-looking blonde that assuredly knows how to play a guitar. Not only this, she can remarkably sing with an astonishing voice!

23. Glistening and Shimmering

Miranda is a great performer with a very pleasing style. She is truly blooming and rising to fame.

22. Outdoor Chic

From her "Little Red Wagon" video, Miranda displayed her sexiness in her red belted top and tiny jean shorts. She is confident in what she does and she is really looking good.

21. Glittering and Shining

In a silver shimmering dress, Miranda looks fabulous. She surely does know her style.

20. Owing Charm with Simplicity

Miranda certainly has her distinct charisma. Her unique beauty is undoubtedly radiating even with ordinary outfits.

19. Sophistication and Confidence

In a long black dress, Miranda was fabulous in the Grammy Awards. She looked classy with her slim figure.

18. Total Peformer

Miranda is definitely rocking her performance. She looks gorgeous in this black skin-tight leather suit.

17. Extraordinarily Simple and Adorable

Miranda is undeniably beautiful in this long dress. She definitely looks effortlessly amazing.

16. Bubbly Gal

Miranda has a pure smile that can capture one's attention. She possesses a pretty persona emanating from her lively spirit.

15. Head-Turner

Attending the 2013 CMT Artists of the Year, Miranda wore this open-back glittering dress. She looked absolutely gorgeous and sexy.

14. Sweet as Candy

With these tantalizing eyes, who wouldn’t be allured? In a blue sleeveless shirt, Miranda oozes with sexiness.

13. Fantastic Artist

The beautiful Miranda is dazzling in a red gleaming suit. She is certainly performing with a taste of hotness.

12. Bold and Beautiful

Miranda displays her curvaceous body in this beautiful long nude dress. She looks remarkably ravishing in this.

11. Unquestionably Luscious

Miranda flaunts her sexiness with this white revealing dress. She is wearing this dress certainly well.

10. With Elegance and Grace

Strikingly amazing, Miranda has been admired for her strong determination to have a healthy physique. Well, I bet the outcome didn't upset her as she looks gorgeous in this silver dress.

9. Simply Irresistible

Miranda looks astonishing with a slightly forward pose. She surely knows how to vent out her inner sexiness.

8. Beauty in Black

Miranda definitely flaunts what she has in this exquisite black dress! Her sexiness is radiating immensely.

7. One Hot Deity

Miranda is one hot blonde with a beauty of a goddess! She looks absolutely hot in this nude dress.

6. Jaw-Dropper

In the 2014 billboard Music Award, Miranda looked stunning in a pink revealing dress. She was surely an eye-catcher.

5. Fresh and Physically Fit

Miranda oozes with hotness in this pink top and denim shorts. Her well-toned body is exceedingly highlighted.

4. Enticing in the Wilderness

Miranda strikes a seductive pose on a yellow couch. Her gorgeous body is accentuated with a skin-tight dress.

3. Alluring and Captivating

There is no doubt about this. Miranda is definitely an eye-catcher!

2. Cool and Pristine

In her “Little Red Wagon” video, Miranda’s sexiness is clearly emphasized, especially with this red hot swimsuit. She definitely nailed this!

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1. Curvaceous Bikini Body

Wearing a black-and-white bikini top and matching zigzag bottoms, Miranda flaunts her beach body in Hawaii. She looks absolutely smoking hot!

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