30 Hottest Pictures Of Misty Copeland

Loved and admired by a world outside the realm of ballet, the one with elite, talented, but underpaid, professional dancers, Misty Copeland is an example to give to any fighter struggling to move forward. She has been considered the epitome of strength, achievement and beauty as well as the package of it all, by America's large population, ballet-aware or not. The only black women ever to become principal dancer at the American Ballet Theater, the most prestigious organization for ballet in the world, Misty is a real treat to watch perform. Here are 30 of her hottest snapshots

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ranked on January 22, 2017

30. Broadway Beauty

Her innocent smile and eyes, contrary to her strong ballerina build makes her fit like a puzzle piece in this look as a cutesy Broadway dancer.

29. Barbie Ballerina

To most her success and standing might seem over-publicized because of her race, but Copeland is actually a prodigy that entered the ballet game in her late teens instead of at 3 years of age, like most ballet dancers, and rapidly rose as a skilled ballerina, matching any dancer of her level.

28. Just an Ordinary Turn-back Photo

She'd rather be anything but ordinary. How many pictures of ours can we actually pose like this for?

27. Poster Girl

This unlikely ballerina is notable more because of her, extra-ballet commercial standouts, such as this advertisement.

26. Twisty Copeland

Breaking so many stereotypes in one single picture!

25. The Iron Maiden

It's hard to realize, but to sit in a position like this quiet challenging for the general unfit folks like me. But look at the ease she's in, specially with that gemstone clad, uncomfortable top!

24. No Gym Freak

Two words. Body goals!

23. Uncomplicated Grace

Her aura for style and ability to look so gracefully stylish is absolutely admirable.

22. Diva in a Thousand Stitches

Making use of her God-given looks and ballet body, to brand yet another franchise.

21. Swaying the Oriental Way

See that's what make her performances so much more watchable. Her sparkling excitement and happiness while dancing makes up half the show.

20. Breaking Round Barriers

Her life before and after Ballet couldn't be more opposite. Misty was a child in a family of 6 siblings with no father and multiple stepfathers. Through her dance she has claimed to find solace and peace in movement.

19. Seductive but Misty

Slaying the sultry, 60's-modern fusion.

18. Not a Cheerleader

Her cover photo for an editorial, takes the focus out of her ballet commitment, and redirects it to her amazing good-looks. Real beauty, this one.

17. Misty Breezy at the Tribeca Film Festival

Oh, a public appearance. This was right after her "I will what I want" commercial, that was partly her reason for fame in general masses.

16. Miss Million-Dollar-Smile

Misty Copeland: looking ravishing in this evening gown at a Paris event, and dazzling us with her set of perfect pearly whites.

15. Beauty Pageant Fragment

Had she made up her mind to run for beauty queen, any pageant, she would've given her sponsors a run for their money, by the look of these photos.

14. Misty Hope-land

Misty posing as praying from a divine power.

13. Gallant but Charming

This lavish picture was taken amidst a performance.

12. A Work of Art

The strength displayed by Misty in this fine work of art is laudable.

11. I Will What I Want

Urgh, the pose is making me cringe at the unimaginable pain I would feel shall I attempt something like this. But hey, she can do it. And with seemingly no effort.

10. Twirling in Love

Misty in another striking performance, twisting and twirling her way to people's hearts.

9. Misty Defying Gravity

In an oriental performance at American Ballet Theater; where she studied on summer intensive full scholarship and was declared National Coca-Cola Scholar in 2000.

8. Studio Ballerina

The exquisite ballerina shows off her dancing skills in this New York Studio.

7. Scary Split

To our eyes it's formidable, and yet she does with such suave. In her memoir she has told us: that it was when she performed a split, at the end of a performance in school, at the age of thirteen, that she was named captain of a squad of 60 people.

6. In the Essence of the Swan

Ballet is the narrow stream of dancing where poise, elegance are the dominating visible features apart from the underlying strength and flexibility. Many ballerinas are referred to as swans for this reason.

5. Healthy Misty

Inspiring and helping so many by creating awareness of being fit and healthy.

4. As Firebird

This-This girl is on faiyaaaaa...

3. Girl Next Door

Making casual running attire priceless in this laid back high school locker room image, Misty reminds us that she was once one of us.

2. The Poise of Copeland

It's hard to not be motivated by this all-business, over-achieving, game face.

1. Cinderella's Little Black Dress

Looking extravagant in her black hems and fluffs, Misty is the uncrowned princess of the modern era.

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