16 Hottest Pictures Of Samantha Hoopes

When you say model, you'll think of beautiful and sexy people. Samantha Hoopes is not an exception. Her face is beautiful as her body. She is a model who is best known for appearing in Carl's Jr. and Hardee's Most American Thickburger advertisement. Her hair is blonde and the eyes are hazel. Since she is a model, she is taller than an average woman. Her height is 5 ft 8 in. Let's feast our eyes as we unravel her amazing pictures.

16. A Smile to Remember

The moment I want to sit next to her. Her smile is very contagious.

15. Face of the Year

This is the prettiest picture of her.

14. Flying Kiss

I like what she wears in this photo. It's very sexy, unique and elegant.

13. Can't Help Falling Inlove

I really love the way she looks here. She looks so peaceful yet captivating.

12. Looks of an Angel

There's just something in the way she looks that made me shiver down my spine.

11. What Have I Done?

What are we going to do to have that same beauty of yours Samantha?

10. Run to Me

What if she runs to you like that? I am sure you'll open your arms wide.

9. Right Here Waiting

For how long is she going to wait, nobody knows.

8. Sky is the Limit

That is what we always say when we treat our friends. Her beauty is also like the sky, there is no limit to it.

7. The Sunset

The color of her swimsuit is the same color of the sky when the sun sets.

6. The Lady in Boat

The boat is already beautiful but Samantha Hoopes just make it more beautiful and interesting.

5. Showering Beauty

Her beauty is just like the shower that you'll absolutely get wet when she's around.

4. So Hot and Sexy

She's got the body that is so beautiful that every woman could have dreamed of.

3. White is Pure

Like her swimsuit, her beauty is also pure.

2. Unlimited Beauty

She's very beautiful in this photo. Just like the water in the ocean, her beauty is also unlimited.

1. Come, Swim With Me

With that look, I understand you'll just jump into the water without thinking twice.

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