20 Hottest Pictures Of Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez... Does she ring a bell? Whenever I hear her name, what I remember is her heart-shaped face. Just like what others are saying, she is one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. Not only that, she's also sexy and here are the pictures that proves it.

20. Simple Girl

Sitting around like this, very serene and deep.

19. Lucky Straw

I bet you'd want to be that straw that touched her lips.

18. Too Beautiful to Ignore

There she goes. Just so hard to resists.

17. Just Perfect

Even in casual attire, she's still perfect from head to toe.

16. Fierce Look

When she looked at you that way, would you dare to look back?

15. Run, Baby, Run

Whatever she does like walking, standing, or even running. She's still stunning as ever.

14. A Real Teaser

Would you like to be teased by her? I am sure as heaven you do!

13. Wildflower With a Twist

Even though the wildflower surrounding her doesn't match up her facial expression, the definition of beauty and sexy is still there.

12. Come Here Beside Me

What if you hear those words from Selena? Are you going to take it or leave it?

11. Muse of the Year

Don't forget to watch your favorite basketball game because you'll surely miss her.

10. Topless Beauty

Whatever she wears or not wearing at all, she's still a sight to see.

9. Sexy in Jeans

Even in short jeans, she's still sizzling sexy.

8. A Real Goddess

Great match up of earrings and bracelet.

7. Sweet and Innocent

The picture says it all.

6. Sexiness Overload

If you're a guy, you'll surely want to escort this girl.

5. Unique Style

What a great fashion sense she has! It is written all over her body.

4. Elegant in Black

Oh! How I love her face in this picture. She's a real beauty.

3. Simple But Sexy

With this simple look, everyone will surely love her at first sight.

2. Black is Beautiful

Very fashionable in every way! I'm impressed!

1. Head Turner

Not only guys will surely turn around to look but also girls. The color of her clothes compliments her skin.

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