20 Hottest Pictures of Shalita Grant

Shalita is a 27 years old TV actress best known by her role in NCIS: New Orleans. She is a gorgeous American celebrity and has a perfect fit body.

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ranked on September 11, 2017

20. Spiritual Yellow

Shalita likes being colourful and dresses accordingly. Yellow looks so bright on her, she's almost shining like the sun.

19. Meaningful Eyes

She is one of those people who has piercing eyes. Add the volume of her hair and she can take over the world!

18. Spring Vibes

Shalita is like a pink bird singing in the spring with this candy dress. How lucky she is to look good in every colour.

17. Looking Over Her Shoulder

Shalita has a really fit body because she works out regularly. We can see how rewarding her fitness discipline is!

16. Queen of Curly Hair

Her curly hair is not the only bouncing thing in the photo, that's for sure! Did you know Shalita had a very active Instagram account and she posts her photos whenever she gets bored at home?

15. Los Angeles?

Shalita lives both in Los angeles and New Orleans. This must be her balcony in Los Angeles where she rests in her little spare time.

14. Such a Sports Person

It's obvious that Shalita is a fan of sports. She may be a busy woman but she never skips her yoga classes.

13. Autumn Look

Her dress is perfect for the cool weather and yellow leaves of autumn. She chose the perfect boots to match her dress.

12. Beauty in Jeans

Simple Jeans and a black top are always a good idea. It fits Shalita so well and reflects her inner beauty as well.

11. Classic but Stunning

Shalita runs from one award ceremony to another. We always see her in style when she attends these ceremonies and wish her good luck for a big award, too!

10. Killer abs

She is doing her own stunts on the hit series NCIS: New Orleans. For this purpose she has an intense workout routine.

9. Sweet fighter

She has a tattoo shaped as honey-dipped machetes on her chest. According to her it means "You don't have to fight rough, you can fight sweet!"

8. Beauty in denim

She is very sexy in this classic, blue, low cut denim pants. Where do you think she is headed?

7. Bounty Hunter

She is a Tony-nominated actress for now. But we're sure that she will collect all the awards soon.

6. She has a killer voice

Shalita loves singing too. She has recently sung in a charity organisation on behalf of Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans.

5. Sexy look

She still can be cute, pretty, sexy even after an intense workout session. Go girl!

4. Angry ox

Just joking! She will be always our black swan. Promise...

3. Ohhhhmmm

She is trying yoga nowadays. Her latest motivation is "Train or remain the same."

2. The next Jennifer

She has the legs and the buttocks of Jennifer. We believe in you Shanita! Future is yours.

1. No comment!

Look at her, she has the power of a goddess and the fragility of a ballerina.

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