19 Hottest Pictures of Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is an actress and model from Colombia. With that kind of beauty and body, it is not impossible if she was ranked as the 32nd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes in 2014. Let's take a closer look at her jaw-dropping pictures.

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ranked on September 11, 2017

19. Oozing Sex Appeal

What else can we say Sofia? Your sex appeal is over your head. It is totally written all over you.

18. Stunning Beauty

I was stunned as I look at this picture.

17. Proud Sofia

You must be because you're ageless and your beauty is endless.

16. Seductive Smile

Do you know how seductive are you in this photo, Sofia? You are dangerously seductive!

15. Isn't Your Shorts Too Tight Sofia?

Can you still breathe in that shorts? That is way too tight for you but that doesn't you look less beautiful and sexy Sofia.

14. Super Fashionable

Sofia really knows how to make herself noticeable. But she really didn't have to. She will surely get attention effortlessly.

13. Is My Hair Okay?

No, Sofia! Your hair is not okay, it is super okay! And it is not only your hair that is super okay but all of you.

12. Fantasy

You're a fantasy to everyone you'll meet. You seem like a goddess of beauty that came from other dimension.

11. Ready to Get Wet

Sofia is getting ready to get wet outside. She's just waiting for something or someone.

10. Brassiere Model

If the brassiere she's wearing is a magic brassiere that whoever wears it will have the same image as Sofia, I am pretty sure that the brassiere will be sold out in the market.

9. Friendly Smile

If you'll get that kind of smile, I am sure you'll be at her side in a minute.

8. Impressive and Beautiful

The way she carry herself in that fashion is very impressive.

7. Latina Beauty

I hope you know how beautiful and sexy you are Sofia!

6. Ready for the Award

Sofia is getting ready for receiving the award of being the sexiest woman in town.

5. Woman's Definition

If the definition of a woman is being sexy and beautiful, Sofia Vergara must be in the dictionary.

4. Body and Smile That Makes the Guy Go Crazy

With Sofia's totally hot body and beautiful face, I am sure every guy will go crazy about her.

3. Stop! You Don't Want to Miss Her

If you need to do something really bad and you bump at her, can you still go and do your thing? I bet you can't for I know you don't want to miss the opportunity to meet her.

2. Irresistible

If she asked you to go out, can you say no to her? Or can you even think in front of her?

1. Ready for Summer

Leopard bikini is a great choice for Sofia. It makes her skin looks fairer and smoother.

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