21 Hottest Pictures Of Travis Scott

Everybody knows that dark ninja Jacques Webster who is a real trap and production star. Well, stop... What did you say? You don't know who's Jacques Webster? Let's have a serious talk: I bet you aren't a true Travis Scott's fan. But after looking through this fiery selection of photos you will definitely become...

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ranked on January 22, 2017

21. Sharp Tongue

What kind of thoughts come to your mind when this inelaborate picture catches your eye? Come on, I won't tell anyone…

20. Golden Dream

Just have a look at this chocolate bunny's passion and expression. This grin disarms anyone. Especially if you are a girl studying to become a dentist.

19. The Smile Because of Which You Will Melt

Such a sincere and warm (and snow-white that is not less important) smile is even able to undress you. And it gives to it's owner an ability to beg you anything.

18. What's Up?

The well-known rule is: if you want to take a nice picture of someone do it unexpectedly. Travis's surprised facial expression and his coquettishly scattering braids on this photo prove the rule once again.

17. Captain Jack Sparrow

I guess everyone has caught the spirit of the well-known sea dog - reckless and hilarious Captain Jack. To my mind, Travis got used to his role and isn't going to get off that shaky ladder. Well, this just throws in a heady portion of danger (read: hotness) to this picture.

16. Hairstyle Does Matter

That's something new! Travis having his braids plaited by a beautiful young woman. What did she promise him to access to such innermost things? It seems he's just realized it wasn't a good deal... Anyway his tattoos on bulging biceps do their bit.

15. Hell of a Night

These full lips and languishing look... No, I'm not talking about a sexy girl. It's just Travis again in his naughty T-shirt and it looks like he's suggesting kicking back tonight.

14. Emotions Brimming Over

As we all know, showing off your underpants is now a trend - and Travis is on the wave. And don't make him angry! Otherwise you'll find another reason to fall in love with him.

13. Flying High

This photo is taken from the Paper magazine where Travis turned out to be on the cover. That's why he is flying happily like a bird on this picture demonstrating chocolate torso.

12. Lifebuoy Needed

Do I need to say something? I can only specify that Travis doesn't even need to get naked to drive you mad. Hey, don't drown in these eyes!

11. Novices Do Not Belong Here

There are three things you can watch forever: fire, water, and other people working. Especially when they are salted professionals of their business. Like our Travis.

10. Sexy Roofer

Let me guess: showing off his trained torso and brand underpants again? Simultaneously attempting to grab your attention by climbing on the roofs? He's incorrigible. And remains a toast of the world.

9. Top Model

Back to the Travis's modeling career. What defines professionalism and attractiveness of a model? Right, her appearance on the covers of major magazines. Do you know what I mean?

8. Travis In His Natural Habitat

Blinding spotlights, deafening screams and applauses... Despite this, we struggle hard to continue seeing and hearing Travis's sun-tanned abs and amazing tattoos. It's the only way we can!

7. Put On Your Pink Glasses

We noticed the results of your hard training at the gym, Travis! Now, against the background of this pinky pink wall you look even much hotter than before.

6. Look At Me... Not At My Pants!

I won't stop telling about this guy's expression. Just look at his steadfast gaze! Even your mummy will come to a dead stop passing by your laptop. So what if she just recognized your daddy's trousers?

5. Take It Seriously

A handsome guy sitting in his armchair with his fists clenched and gravely pondering over some grave issues... Oh God, give me that!

4. Show Me Your "Calvins"

By the way, each of us can now boast of being familiar to the whole Travis's underpants collection. He proved that, among other things, he's a true fashionista. +1 to your sexiness, Travis!

3. Smoke Some Weed

Wow! Take it easy, bro! This breakneck thick smoke crawling out of his mouth is going to infatuate you. I don't know a girl who won't be turned on by the image of a leisurely smoking man.

2. Ready For a Picnic

Relaxed Travis on the background of this lovely granny's checkered plaid. I definitely would like (bet you too) to go on a camping trip with this guy.

1. Your Own Travis Scott

What can be better than Travis Scott? Having your own Travis Scott in your bag! This video clip demonstrates Travis's stunning plastic abs and his determination. While doing so it tells how to spend time in Beverly Hills usefully and satisfying. Sex scenes with a faceless girl alone are enough to go off half-cocked!

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