20 Hottest Pictures of Vanessa Ferlito

Vanessa Ferlito is the siren best known for her role in the hit TV series, CSI: NY. In the show, she plays a detective but in real life, she's a lot sexier than she's given credit for as a cop. Here are the reasons why we love Vanessa.

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ranked on September 11, 2017

20. Spidey Loves The Wrong Girl

Move Over Mary-Jane Watson cause here comes Vanessa Ferlito. In 2004 Vanessa played Louise in Spiderman 2 and did not disappoint with that outfit.

19. Simply Beautiful

Vanessa never needs a ton of makeup to pull off the gorgeous look; it comes naturally, and as you can see, she's SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL.

18. Ageless

For this picture, we had to get up close and personal. Ferlito, 36, is a mother of one and looks good with little to no makeup. Talk about natural beauty.

17. Pearlescent

Pearls never look better around a neck, wearing a black V neck dress and her hair in one Vanessa is pulling off this sexy but yet sophisticated look without even trying, and we are loving it.

16. Shadowboxer

In 2005, Vanessa played the role of Vicki in Shadowboxer, and as usual, she is slaying in a dress that shows off her hot body; if you haven't seen Shadowboxer after seeing Vanessa in this dress, I'm sure you will.

15. Effortless

Without trying to look sexy, Vanessa does; in this picture, she's making you want to confess all your wrongdoings. No, it wasn't me!

14. Bringing Sexy Back

Well, this picture is worth more than a thousand words; maybe two thousand or maybe three. Just look at those eyes! Ok Vanessa, girl we see you.

13. Sexy In Black

Well hello, Ms. Ferlito; she's looking sexy in black leather. Her pants fit like they were cut and made just for her. I know you agree with me.

12. Wonder What She Is Thinking...

Now don't tell me black is not Vanessa's color because she looks like perfection in this picture right here; from the boots to her slightly curled hair, she is definitely bringing the heat.

11. Because I Can

Vanessa is always simple but is always an eye catcher on and off the carpet. This navy blue and black dress is doing her body justice. What is there not to love about this look?

10. Legs, legs, and more legs

Those are some gorgeous legs, and Vanessa is pulling off this look effortlessly, wearing a plain white T-shirt and a black skirt. We are loving this outfit; it's simple and comfortable.

9. Flaunting It

They say if you got it flaunt it and that's exactly what Vanessa is doing, Vanessa has her own unique style, as evidenced by this picture.

8. Beautiful

This dress is stunning and is giving life to the red carpet; she indeed knows how to stand out and make her presence known in this dress.

7. Graceland

Hi Detective Ferlito! This is one time we wouldn't mind doing time for the crime. She looks great in simple jeans and a T-shirt, paired with ankle boots. Simple, but eye-catching.

6. Her Style

Every look on the carpet is unique we can all agree she has her own style and wears it well. From jeans and T-shirt to short dresses showing those long gorgeous. Whatever she wears looks good on her hands down!

5. Simple Jane

Vaness rocked this dress at the premiere of Nothing Like the Holidays, in 2008; she played Roxanna Rodriguez in the film.

4. A Simple Smile

Wearing one of the sexiest accessories a girl could wear, she shows her support at the movie premiere of Righteous Kill.

3. All in One

We rarely see Vanessa's hair in one, but when she rocks this style, it looks great on her. Showing off her lightly made-up face and well-tanned skin in a black silk dress, Vanessa is making you want to follow her where ever she's off to.

2. Light

We don't normally get to see Vanessa in this light; her hair looks great, her skin is glowing, and she is bringing the fierceness in this picture.

1. Lost For Words

There are no words to describe how hot Vanessa looks in this picture. They do say everything is better in black and white and in this case, they're totally right. Thank you, Vanessa, for gracing us with your BEAUTY!

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