20 Hottest Tomi Lahren Pictures

BBC News called Tomi Lahren "the young Republican who is bigger than Trump on Facebook". Let's find out why she was described as a "rising media star" in 2016 through her pictures.

20. Serious Girl

When she's serious, she gets very intimidating.

19. Sweet as Cupcakes

Even though sometimes Tomi is terrible, I believe that she's still has the sweetness in her.

18. That's Exactly My Point

She's pointing out her views and opinions intelligently.

17. Lucky Boyfriend

There are just so much lucky people in the world and that includes the boyfriend of Tomi Lahren.

16. Girl With a Gun

She's one of the sexiest girls you've seen with a gun. She barely needs attention with this get-up.

15. Open Mouth Smile

Some girls will have a not-so-good face when they smile with an open mouth but not Tomi Lahren.

14. Pretty Cool in Blue

She's got the looks of an intimidating woman in blue dress.

13. Where Are You Going?

Looks like wherever she goes, she made sure she looks stunning.

12. The Lady in Blue

Tomi Lahren is truly exceptionally beautiful. Even the simple dress looks like an elegant gown if she's the one who's wearing.

11. Come to Think of It

Angry or not, she's still very beautiful in her own ways.

10. Perfect Teeth

She's got the perfect teeth that everyone could wish for.

9. Beauty That Holds the Crowd's Attention

The beauty of Tomi is so mesmerizing that the crowd's attention is all upon her.

8. Enchanting Beauty

With that enchanting beauty and sincere smile, everything will fall into place.

7. Best Smile

Tomi Lahren is so lovely in this picture. She's got the smile of a lifetime.

6. Selfie Time

Bored? Take a selfie everywhere you please as long as you are not disturbing anyone.

5. Coffee Break

Sleepy? Take a break and drink coffee.

4. Blurred Background

Even the background got blurred by her beauty.

3. Beautiful Inside and Out

They say that if you love animals, you have really a kind soul and Tomi Lahren just proves that she is not only beautiful outside but also inside.

2. White Lady

Afraid of ghost? Afraid no more because Tomi Lahren is the kind of white lady you'll want to see every day and night.

1. Captivating Face

Her beauty is beyond imagination and it is very obvious in this picture. Her face is so captivating that I want to hold it forever.

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