26 Hottest Photos Of Isla Fisher

The girl in the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic," Isla Fisher was able to perform her role well as Rebecca Bloomwood. In that film, you would learn to hate her and love her both at the same time. Isla Fisher was born in Scotland but raised in Australia. She also started her acting career in Australia.

26. Sexy Beautiful

This is one of the most sexiest and alluring photos of Isla Fisher. The beautiful red dress that she is wearing is stunning on her as well.

25. Lacey Daisy

The laced outfit that she is wearing gives her an innocent yet sexy look. Her hair and make up compliments her dress thus, makes her alluring too.

24. Wearing my smile

I love her beautiful smile in this photo. She looks very happy and contented, the silver dress that she is wearing looks good on her too.

23. Royalty

Isla Fisher looks like a royalty in this photo. The uniquely and beautifully designed dress is perfect for her giving an elegant vibe.

22. Right on top

Isla Fisher is oozing with beauty and confidence. Her sense of style can definitely lead her to the top of her career.

21. Shopaholic

The plaid red buttoned down dress is simply amazing. The wide belt clinched on her waist and the beautiful glossy heels makes the simple dress glamorous and interesting. Isla is definitely having fun in this picture.

20. Style Icon

This kind of outfit is very difficult to pull off, not every girl looks good wearing these pieces, however in the case of Isla she was able to pull off this outfit and looks absolutely amazing in it too. The tight tube top is gorgeous on her giving her an hour glass shaped body, the length of the skirt and the beautiful yellow colored heels makes her look tall as well.

19. I love Pink

With this lovely pink mini tube dress Isla Fisher is definitely ready to party. This dress does not only make her stunning but she looks young and vibrant as well.

18. Take me to the beach

In this photo Isla Fisher is showing off her beautiful beach body. The color red two piece swimwear fits her perfectly thus, making her look gorgeous and sexy.

17. Stand out

This is one of my favorite dresses that Isla is wearing. The cut, length and the dress' color combination looks absolutely good on her. She seemed lost in space while looking oh so gorgeous.

16. Shockingly Gorgeous

Even if she looks shocked in this photo, Isla Fisher still looks gorgeous. With this lovely laced red dress she is wearing, paired with a vibrant colored necklace, her whole look spells perfect.

15. Under my spell

With this picture Isla can definitely cast a spell over guys to drool over her. With her lovely smile and innocent eyes, she is a lovely fairly living amongst us.

14. Innocence

This picture depicts Isla's innocent face. The color of the satin low-cut dress is perfect for her skin making her more beautiful than she already is.

13. Pretty in Blue

I really adore her beautiful face, especially her gorgeous hair in this picture. The shade of the lipstick she is wearing looks good on her, it give more emphasis on her beautiful shaped lips.

12. Playful Me

Not only does Isla looks beautiful in her tube laced dress, she exudes confidence as well. You can see here that she is playful and having fun while her pictures are being taken.

11. Shining bright like a Diamond

Isla looks stunning in her low-cut sparkling dress which gives more emphasis to her perfect body and gorgeous skin. This whole get up of her is definitely picture perfect.

10. Popsicle

I really love the color combination of her outfit. Her outfit can be quite revealing, however, it is toned down by a yellow sheer top. In this photo Isla is showing us that she can be playful sometimes.

9. I see dots

What a cute outfit! She actually reminds me of Minnie Mouse my favorite character in Disney. Isla is really a fashionista, no matter she is wearing, she still looks good in them.

8. Pin-up

Isla fisher really looks gorgeous in her photo, wearing a pink cardigan, sexy red underwear and heels. I also love the way her make up was done, and you can really see from this picture that she is having fun.

7. Will you be my Valentine?

This red item really looks good on her. Isla in this picture is oozing with confidence and pride. The design of the outfit makes you feel nostalgic about a beautiful past.

6. Simply Sparkling

This is one of her photos that can get guys drooling over her. This is definitely a show stopping outfit for Isla Fisher not just because the outfit is sparkling and sexy but that Isla is wearing her confidence as well.

5. The Little Black Dress

Isla Fisher looks sizzling hot with her little black dress and knee high black stockings. It is as if this picture tells us that she is definitely worth it.

4. Look at me, envy me

She looks so perfect wearing a black and red laced dress topped with a crop long sleeved bolero. Isla Fisher really knows how to dress well.

3. Gorgeous smile, please stay a while

I love her face in this photo, she looks very happy as if the whole world is smiling back at her, with a face like that who wouldn't. She is wearing a very simple dress, with old prints but mind you she still looks gorgeous.

2. Perfect Curls

Not only does she looks stunning with plunging spaghetti strap dress but her hair is perfect in every angle. A woman's hair is her crowning glory. There can be no denying that Isla Fisher's gorgeous curls gave her the confidence she needs.

1. Bold and Beautiful

Isla Fisher is considered as one of the beautiful faces in the movie industry. In this picture you can definitely see and feel her confidence while donning this beautifully embellished dress that suits her perfectly.

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