26 Jesus Memes We're Going To Hell For Laughing At

Maybe some of you won't go to hell for laughing at these? These are too funny not to read, I'm telling you now. It is definitely worth the hustle of an eternity in hell, just remember to look me up... I'll probably be locked away in some cage with Lucifer for editing this list.

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ranked on January 22, 2017

26. OG

Yea Jesus, tell 'em. They don't know shit 'bout followers...

25. Whoa...

That's a great point. So why aren't there statues of raptor Jesus in churches? I feel like I was lied to...

24. I knew it

Jesus you racist son on a virgin. And where are all of the other races? Some great racial diversity, kudos for that one Christians...

23. Been drinking on that blood of Christ

The first step to solving the problem is admitting you have one.

22. Fun's over

Damn Jesus, you couldn't have waited a bit more? The one child really seemed to be enjoying himself before you came and ruined the fun for everyone.

21. No one knows his suffering

There there Jesus... By the way, sorry to have to break the news like this but you've been dead for about two millennia.

20. Gotcha

Maybe he isn't such a bad guy after all? What a great pun Jesus.

19. So funny...

Now do you see what Jesus is really about? You're going to take shit like that from him?

18. Burn

So if Jesus is God and God is in everyone... Mind blown...

17. "Good" guy Jesus

Jesus, you again with your shit. Acting like you know what a computer is.

16. Come on Jesus

Just Jesus hating on some kids. Probably told the biker he will be going to hell for not beating up that child.

15. Yall don't know

How dare you even speak to Jesus like that? They probably drowned and their bodies never got recovered.

14. And serve he did

Watch Jesus handing the holy men their asses in an all out dance competition. Also a fun fact, Jesus is ripped.

13. Jesus can heal sick people

But only when his mana bar is full. Tough luck, at least he'll let you know where you're going when you die.

12. All seeing Jesus

So he's only watching us while we're watching porn and/or pooping? Jesus, I didn't expect this from someone like you...

11. Not creepy at all

Stash it but don't throw it away. There must be some other believers who also watch porn? Don't worry, we're going to hell.

10. Aww yea

Show us what you got. DJ Jesus in the house.

9. Jesus. Now

I knew Jesus wasn't such a goody two shoes. If he was that good, his mother wouldn't have to even tell him his room is a mess.

8. Suspicious

Jesus you son of a gun you... He said he loves everyone, but isn't this a bit much? Pedo bear are you going to heaven too?

7. Just lol

So Jesus is God? Isn't he his son? Is Jesus also Santa and the Easter bunny?


I can not even... Jesus can be so cruel to those who are going to hell.

5. Good guy Jesus

Jesus knows what hurts most. Damn you Jesus for being so good.

4. Not horny

Haah get it? Thorny? Ah, never mind...


You can't break those cuffs. Cuffs cuffs. I can break these cuffs.

2. Virgin Mary

Hahaah look at virgin Mary being all sad. Maybe if she had more faith, it would have taken him less than 3 days?

1. Resurrection

Why did it take Jesus three days to respawn? Since Easter is the #1 christian holiday (despite the fact that most people think it's Christmas), it seems only appropriate to mock it.

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