16 Largest Body Builders Ever

Meet the largest body builders in the world who manage to maintain those huge muscles, solid biceps and 6 pack abs. These body builders always keep their muscles pumping, making the gym their home.

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ranked on March 14, 2017

16. Dorian Yates

Yates a professional bodybuilder won Mr Olympia title for 6 times straight from 1992 to 1997. His career ended when he got a chronic acute injury affecting his biceps and triceps. He is 5 ft 10 in high and has a weight of 235–290 lb.

15. Kevin Levrone

Kevin was inspired in working out from his cousin who was in military. He got serious in bodybuilding and joined plenty competition related to this field. He has competed 13 times in Mr Olympia unfortunately he didn't get 1st place but he got the title of The Uncrowned King of Mr. Olympia.

14. Lou Ferrigno

A retired professional bodybuilder who started working out when he was still 13 years old. He is also an actor who cast several movies and TV series. He won his 1st place on Pro Mr. America – WBBG, Teen last 1977.

13. Dennis Wolf

Dennis Wolf or The Big Bad Wolf is famous for his V shape body, having a small waist and a wide size shoulder. His competition weight is 260 pounds. He had won several awards in the field of bodybuilding.

12. Moustafa Ismail

Moustafa a professional body builder from Egypt. He holds the record of world's biggest biceps from Guinness. He manage to gain 31 inch of biceps, that freaking huge!

11. Lee Haney

Lee Haney was known for his eight time champion on Mr Olympia from year 1984 - 1991. His famous quote is "train to stimulate, not annihilate", he likes to share the importance of physical and spiritual growth. His competition weight is 248 lb and has a height of 5 ft 11 in.

10. Johnnie O Jackson

He is a professional bodybuilder and power lifter from USA. He is also recognized as one of the world's strongest bodybuilder weighing 255 lb. His first competition was on 2001, the NPC Texas State Championships, Middleweight and won 2nd place. Jackson gained the name "Mr. Olympia 2009 World's Strongest Professional Bodybuilder" by benching (237 kg).

9. Flex Wheeler

Kenneth "Flex" Wheeler known as the greatest bodybuilder by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has suffered dyslexia when he was in school. Then he started his training in bodybuilding and gain back his confidence. His competition weight is 109 kg. He has accomplished many awards in his bodybuilding career despite of the challenges he had encounter.

8. Roelly Winklaar

Roelly Winklaar or The Dutch Beast won his 1st place on NPC Arnold Amateur last 2009. He has a height of 5ft 6in and a weight of 286 lbs. He has one of the best arms in bodybuilding history. .

7. Phil Heath

He is a professional bodybuilder from America and won 6 times straight in Mr Olympia (2011-2016). He has also won 1st place in other bodybuilding competitions. He has been featured in many magazines and was also known as "The Gift" or "The Next Big Thing".

6. Kai Greene

He is a professional bodybuilder, artist and actor from America. He began bodybuilding career when he was teenager. He got his 1st place on 1996 WNBF Pro Natural Worlds and won 3 times 2nd placer in Mr. Olympia.

5. Günter Schlierkamp

Günter Schlierkamp or The Gentle Giant is a professional bodybuilder from Germany. He won many awards in his bodybuilding career. He has a height of 6.1ft and competition weight of 295-300 lb.

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger a famous Hollywood actor, author, producer, investor, politician and a former bodybuilder. He was Mr. Universe at the age of 20 and won Mr. Olympia seven times. He has a competition weight of 235 lb. He started joining contest at the age of 19 and won plenty of bodybuilding contest making him the famous bodybuilder of all time.

3. Markus Rühl

Markus is also a professional bodybuilder from Germany. He started working out at the age of 18 and he is also known as one of the biggest shoulder among the bodybuilders. He has a competition weight of 123–127 kg and won plenty awards in the field of bodybuilding.

2. Dennis James

Dennis is a German Pro body builder. He began his workout when he was 26 and he won 11th place in Mr Olympia on 2000. He is also known as “The Menace” and he is always determined to not give up on what he really loves which is bodybuilding.

1. Ronnie Coleman

He is a professional bodybuilder and has hold the title of Mr. Olympia for eight years (1998-2005). He is also known as one of the greatest bodybuilder of all time. He has a height of 5.11ft and a weight in contest of 300 lb.

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