21 Latina Models That White Girls Can't Stand

Why are white girls so jealous of hot latinas? Have they nothing better to do than hate on them? I don't really care about a girl's ethnicity or race, the only thing that maters is that she is a hot latina.

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ranked on January 22, 2017

21. Daniela de Jesus Cosio

Can you imagine how heavy that necklace is? I think it would make an great anchor.

20. Joan Smalls

Woooo girl, that must be some strong fan blowing air on your hair.

19. Lais Ribeiro

Damn girl. I love what you did with the place, although I think you'd be better off without that lamp and your clothes...

18. Christy Turlington

Is it dangerous to have a waist so slim? Only if some white curvy girls get jealous...

17. Carolina Ardohain

Why didn't anyone warn her that she can get sand all up in her navel? Damn these not caring photographers...

16. Aida Yespica

Lol. The statue in line with her head has a great line of sight.

15. Belgica Suarez

Uhn tiss uhn tiss baby. What a great pose.

14. Dayana Mendoza

Do a back flip into that pool. A head dive will also do fine but a back flip would've been so much better...

13. Valeria Mazza

Check out the feet on this one... What, you don't like feet? I guess the rest of her is fine also...

12. Carolina Marconi

I'm not sure, is she not wearing a bra? I really can't tell...

11. Raffaella Fico

Confidence, a flat waist and a nice pair of... Lips.

10. Dallys Ferreira

Check out the lace bra and panties. White girls got nothing on this hot latina.

9. Alessandra Blanco

Don't you just love it when women wear suspenders? Not like you can see the bottom portion of her body...

8. Rosa Acosta

I think you dropped something. Why don't you bend over and pick it up? You didn't drop anything? Still, can you bend over?

7. Mayra Veronica

Breathe deeply, in... And out... In...

6. Dania Ramirez

Are they real? They don't look like they are... I'm pretty sure those are fake Ray Bans.

5. Vida Guerra

What do they even feed you with? I MUST KNOW

4. Daisy Fuentes

She might be choking on that necklace, quickly take all of her clothes off so she can breathe.

3. Jennifer Lopez

Whoa. This seems to be a more recent picture meaning she should look older. But she looks 40 tops, what sorcery is this?

2. Eva Longoria

Just by looking at this picture, I can not help but wonder... How can you sit on so much cacti and still look like that?

1. Adriana Lima

I'm at a loss for words. Simply amazing.

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