20 Majestic Animals Doing Disgusting Things

Majestic or adorable, if you had thought that animals are generally disgusting, then you're about to have your landscapes changed. Survival and reproduction is crucial to these animals and they would go to any lengths for it. Emphasis on the 'any lengths'. Scroll down, and keep your palms ready to cover your mouth. Source: Animal Planet

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ranked on January 22, 2017

20. Innocent Baby Koalas

Ever seen a cute little Koala cub weaning? I don't think so, because it's not something you'd forget. Not if you knew what they were weaning on. The enthusiastic nose-nibbling babes snug into their mum's anus, eating whatever they can to nutrition themselves, instead of from mammaries like the general practice. 80% of Koala bears also have STDs that they can easily transfer by their pee as well. So here is your uncrowned king of Unhealthy Animals to Pet. Don't adopt.

19. Penguin Shitcannon-ed

No not shitcanned, shitcannon-ed. That's implying how they poop. They shoot it far from their defecating points as, if from a cannon.

18. Like Penguins Like Tortoise

Yup. they do it too. Only they shoot pee as if from cannons instead of poop.

17. Duck Can't Duck

Sex would have never been this hard for anyone. But it was for ducks. So they were biologically evolved for this. Male ducks have snappy and twisty members to hook onto and attach to females. But every species has an up-and-evolved defense structure too. Hence the female ducks have extra twisty cavities making it hard to mate without mutual consent. Very disgusting but, hah!

16. Capybaras

Pioneer poop-eaters! These cutesies have a not-so-cute screening process for which poop to eat. Green's a go while brown's a no.

15. Rabbits

Also poop-eaters, they don't really mind eating any color of poop as long as it tastes good or has some nutrients remaining. To them!

14. Sea Otters

Sea Otters are only deceptively cute. Baby seals are poor victims of the sea otter's carnal urgency. They are also drowned and killed after their violent use. Who knew harmless animals could be such huge sex offenders.

13. Ganging Dolphins

Dolphins raping humans is not unheard of; most people have living accounts of being attacked and humped by dolphins. But male dolphins also gang up and scare females into submitting to mate with them. Sheesh, animals have no morals.

12. The Two-toed Sloth

These guys have gone to the lengths of it all, going into park latrines and ingesting human urine, feces and even toilet paper. This unabashed animal does so in search of nutrients but boy is he ridiculous.

11. Drooling Giraffes

How majestic are these long-necked creatures! The necks that give them the widest views over African jungles, also cause them to drool a lot. In fact they're often considered lazy because of their frequent disgusting salivating habit. But's essential for them to swallow. What's a giraffe gotta do to eat? Spit loads.

10. Jackals' Eating Habits

I'll have what she's having. Or what she's throwing up. No problem. Not only a she's, a jackal can eat their kid's vomit as well, and also feeds its kids by its own vomit. Such envious table manners.

9. Elephants' Mud Bath

There they go splish-splashing in the dirt, quite literally soiling themselves, and for what? Well they have a good reason. Apparently elephants get sunburns, so throwing sand and mud over themselves is a way of sun-screening their bodies. That's why mama-Ellie never minds when the kids get dirty; it's for their own good, you see.

8. Urinating Tahrs

A Tahr has a weird way of showing interest in females. They pee on 'em. My brother brought new flowers for a week, for a girl he was interested in, and this shameless goat urinates on his mate.

7. Hippos Marking Territory

So they might not be too majestic: they stay in mud all day and have a body that helps humans aid their vocabulary while making fun of a fat person. But that's not the disgusting bit, this is: they swing urine and feces over each other by their tails after their mud baths to mark territory. And that's also them having fun.

6. Salt-loving Mountain Goats

What is it with these goats in urine? Eugh! Now their attracted to the salt in human urine as well. Mountain hikers are actually cautioned to not urine on tracks if they want their life on the way back.

5. Male Adelie Penguins

All animals mate with their partners in species. But this penguin was caught mating with, hurt females, chicks as well as dead penguins. Adelies are too disgusting to be around kids. For safety too.

4. Urinating Vultures

Not everyday you would see a vulture, but the next time you see a vulture leaking liquid, know that he/she is urinating. Also don't judge. He's just cooling off. According to Animal Planet, vultures don't have sweat glands so the only way they can cool off is when they urinate on their own legs, and it evaporates. it also kills bacteria from the carcasses they feed on. Ekhh.

3. Vomiting Vultures

Speaking of vultures, The Turkey vultures came up with a pretty smart but disgusting way to drive off enemies. At the stimulus of a nearby predator a vulture pukes out a horrible smelling vomit. Nobody gon' mess with 'dis thug.

2. Exploding Whales

You can't really blame these innocent whales for this one. The poor mammal is already dead when it explodes. but what a mighty disgust it brings! A dead decomposing whale builds up methane gas inside it's belly that can't be contained for long, hence a small notch or cut gives way for exploding blood, guts, last month's dead sea food and, the terrorizing horrid smell.

1. Mating Lions

I had to include mating animals in a disgusting list but i took this on No 1 because of the Lion's majestic reputation and his disgustingly horny nature. On an average day in mating season their carnal urgency is around 40 times a day. It could be tiring but lions are incredibly fast. It's not always necessarily with the same female, because a) its so hard to keep them still and b) they're very free spirits and can't be loyal. Watch how much he had to persuade her to agree, for proof.

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