25 Most Famous Unsolved Murders

Some of these killers are long dead by now. Others are still out there. One of these guys might even be standing right behind you, waiting for you to turn around.

25. Arius of Alexandria

The Theologian Arius was murdered in the year 336, but no one know by who. It's thought that he was targeted for his support of Arianism. Either way, he still goes down in history as one of the first famous victims of unsolved murder.

24. Mary Rogers

Mary Rogers worked in a tobacco store in New York City, where she drew in quite a few customers and was known as "The Beautiful Cigar Lady." Her murder caused quite a stir in the community, and was the inspiration for Edgar Allan Poe's "The Mystery of Marie Rogêt".

23. The Atlas Vampire

A prostitute named Lilly Lindeström was found dead in her Stockholm apartment on May 4, 1932. She had been sexually assaulted, but what sets this unsolved murder apart from the others is the disturbing fact that someone (or something) had drank almost all of Lilly's blood.

22. Ken McElroy

Ken McElroy was known as a bully in his Missouri hometown. The long list of accusations against him consist of burglary, rape, and child molestation. He had been indicted in 21 crimes against the citizens of Skidmore, but was finally arrested for shooting the town's elderly grocer. He got out on bond, and proceeded to continue to be an asshole to everyone. When he was gunned down in broad daylight, all 46 witnesses to his murder claimed they didn't see a thing.

21. The Gattons Murders

Australian Micheal Murphy and his sisters were on their way to a dance in 1898, but never returned. When their bodies were found the next morning, all four of them including the horse that drew the carriage were dead. The evidence was destroyed by curious onlookers, and the murders were never solved.

20. The Janet Smith Case

Scottish nanny Janet Smith was shot in the head in Vancouver, Canada. The Chinese houseboy was initially blamed and tortured into a confession, but was eventually acquitted. Janet Smith's true killer is unknown.

19. The YOGTZE Case

Günther Stoll, a German food engineer, began a descent into paranoia in the year 1984. He was convinced that "they" were out to get him, but never elaborated on who "they" were. On October 25 he wrote the words YOGTZE on a piece of paper and crossed them out. Then he went to a pub and ordered a beer, but according to eyewitness accounts, never got drunk. He fell over and simply lost consciousness. He woke up, drove his car to his childhood home of Haigerseelbach, and spoke to an old friend. The next time anyone saw him, he was naked and disoriented. He claimed he had been beaten by four men who were in the car with him, though eyewitnesses say he was alone. He died on his way to the hospital.

18. The Lake Bodom Murders

In the wee hours of the morning in 1960, an unknown person brutally murdered three out of four teenagers camping out at Lake Bodom in Finland. The case remains unsolved to this day, in true Friday the 13th fashion.

17. The Murder of Rashawn Brazell

After 19 year old Rashawn went went missing, his body parts were found in garbage bags scattered all throughout Brooklyn. A tragic, gruesome, and terrifying crime that left those close to him confused and heartbroken.

16. The Highway of Tears

An estimated eighteen murders have taken place along the Highway of Tears in British Colombia, each one of them unsolved. If I'm ever passing through nearby on foot, I'm definitely going to heed the sign's warning and get a rental car.

15. The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Some hikers, the leader of which was named Dyatlov and lent the mountain pass its name, went for a trek in February of 1969. They never returned, and when a search party was sent out, they found that they had vacated their camp in mortal terror. Some of the bodies were found with the tongues cut out, their skin an unnatural hue of orange. There was no sign of a struggle, but the bodies sustained severe internal damage.

14. The Taman Shud Case

On December 1, 1948 a dead man was found on the beach in Southern Australia. He had been poisoned, but no one knows with what. In his pocked he carried a piece of paper on which "Taman shud" was written. The phrase is Persian for, "The end."

13. The Jeff Davis 8

The 'Jeff Davis 8' refers not to a single unsolved murder, but rather individual ones linked by the victims' involvement in drugs or prostitution. All the killings occurred in Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana.

12. The Long Island Serial Killer

The Long Island Serial Killer is responsible for a number of murders down the length of Long Island. He's also referred to as "the Craigslist Ripper," and is believed to have been at it for twenty years.

11. The Texarkana Phantom Killer

A spree of murders took place in Texarkana in the year of 1946. The legend of "The Phantom" has sort of put Texarkana on the map, and formed the basis for the film, "The Town that Dreaded Sundown."

10. "Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm?"

"Who put Bella in the wych elm?" is a common graffiti phrase that started to appear after a 1941 murder where the body of the victim was found inside a wych elm in Stourbridge, UK. The mystery has inspired several plays and songs.

9. The Chicago Tylenol Murders

Seven people died in the Chicago area in 1982 due to cyanide laced Tylenol. No one knows how the bottles were tampered with, and they all came from different favorites, making it impossible for the source of the contamination to have come from there. This tragedy is responsible for a lot of the tamper proof packaging we have today.

8. The Alphabet Murders

The Alphabet murders are so named because the first name of each victim is the same as the place where their body was found. The first three murders occurred in the 60s, and were connected to another string of similar murders later in the 70s.

7. Notorious B.I.G.

The Notorious B.I.G. was killed in a drive-by in Los Angeles California in 1997. A sketch was made of the shooter, but he was still never found.

6. Tupac Shakur

Tupac was also shot in a drive by shooting a year earlier than Notorious B.I.G. in an intersection in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 7, 1996. He died in the hospital days later on the 13th.

5. Jack the Ripper

Ah, the famous prostitute killer of 19th century London. The strange thing about Jack the Ripper is that no one's sure if he acted alone, or if that there were multiple copycat killers that simply got mistaken for the real thing.

4. The Zodiac Killer

This Northern California serial killer was active during the 60s and 70s. He was named from his mysterious letters in cryptograms, only one of which has every been solved. The Zodiac Killer was so famous he spawned copycats in both Japan and New York.

3. The East Area Rapist

The East Area Rapist, or the Original Night Stalker, was responsible for killing at least ten women and sexually assaulting around fifty. Above is a recording he left on the answering machine of one of his victims, if you want nightmares tonight. Keep in mind this guy was never caught.

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2. The Black Dahlia

Elizabeth Shortt, or The Black Dahlia as most people know her, was found dismembered in Leimert Park in Los Angeles, California on January 15, 1947. She had been cut in half horizontally and given a Glasgow smile.

1. The Hinterkaifeck Murders

Of all the unsolved murders I've come across, this one strikes me as the creepiest. Hinterkaifek was a small, cozy, and very remote German farm where Andreas Gruber lived with his wife, daughter, and grandchildren. Andreas noticed footsteps up in the attic, missing keys, and worst of all, an unexplained set of footprints in the snow leading from the forest to his farm--but not a single set of prints going back into the woods. Why these occurrences didn't make him weep with fear is beyond my understanding. Since Hinterkaifek was so far off the beaten path, no one really knows what happened there on the night of March 29, 1922. From what authorities could gather, the killer lured each member of the family in the barn, and then went into the house to kill the baby in the crib. No one knows who killed them or why he would have done it.

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