25 Most Horrible College Hazing Rituals

Hazing is an initiation process in which pledges are in an action or situation, with or without their consent, that intentionally or unintentionally endangers them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Check out the list of atrocious college hazing rituals that defy humanity.

25. Emotional Abuse

In September 2013, Tess Koman revealed the emotional abuse she and the other pledges of Union College’s Sigma Delta Tau suffered during their hazing. She said that they were locked in a basement with only one toilet and were frequently asked to line up while being asked with questions (e.g., “Who is the prettiest sister in the room?” and “Which one of us is a lesbian and why do you think that?”). Then they would call them “stupid” for incorrect answers.

24. Scrutiny

Alexandra Robbins, author of the book “Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities,” reported one hazing case concerning a woman who was ordered to stand on a bench completely exposed in front of an entire fraternity. Then the fraternity would voice out their critiques regarding parts of her body that needed “work.”

23. Boob Ranking

Author and researcher Alexandra Robbins said that “boob ranking” is the worst kind of emotional hazing, wherein pledges are forced to strip off their shirts and bras in a cold room and line up in order of breast size. Then the older sister would make fun of them and play mental games.

22. Exercises in Urine and Feces

At Hartwick College, pledges of Alpha Chi Ro were forced to carry rocks covered with feces through a forest. They were also made to do push-ups and up-downs in urine-soaked garbage.

21. On a Washing Machine

In 2013 at Young Harris College, Jo Hannah Burch – a pledge of Gamma Psi – revealed that they were forced to crawl through the mud into a freezing creek while their sisters screamed and spit in them. After this, they were made to sit on washing machines; any part of the body that jiggled was encircled with a Sharpie.

20. Human Mop

At the University of California, Britteny Starling – a former pledge of Zeta Phi Beta – revealed that she was forced to act as a human mop and garbage can, cleaning the floor and collecting garbage using only her hands and pockets. She and the other pledges were also made to stay awake all night without being allowed to use the bathroom and were forced to stay standing; and when her leg gave out, she was hit by her sister in the ankle.

19. Counteraction: Hot and Cold

In 2012 at Binghamton University, pledges of a sorority were forced to take freezing cold showers together while at the same time reciting the Greek alphabet and being fed by their sisters with vomit-inducing pills. Then they were made to hold hot hookah coals on their hands.

18. Which Is Which

At Rutgers University, sorority members reportedly gave their pledges a tough decision. They are either to use a dildo in front of their sisters or take a hit of cocaine.

17. Slammed into the Wall

At Penn State Altoona in 2008, Joanne, a sorority pledge, told the ABC news that she and other pledges were forced to stand facing a concrete wall and if any of them would move, they would be slammed into it. They were also forced to scrub the floor using only their fingernails and drink “pitch-black” water.

16. Presentation of Objects

Alexandra Robbins reported one incident of hazing wherein the pledges had to answer trivia questions and drink vodka for incorrect and answers. If they got enough wrong answers, they would be presented with a Sharpie pen, a hammer, a knife, and a dildo, with a threat that they would be violated with one of these.

15. Branding

Amon Carter IV, a student of Texas Christian University and a Kappa Sigma member, has been branded by his frat brothers with Greek symbols on his buttocks using a hot coat hanger. He woke up from a night of drinking in a frat party with excruciating pain.

14. Sharpie Rape

In 2002 in North Carolina, seven football players from Methodist College were arrested for hazing charges. They restrained freshman Kent Murphy, stripped off his underwear, wrote all over his buttocks, and smacked it numerous times. Then Antonio Wilkerson, wide receiver for the team, sexually assaulted him with a Sharpie marker.

13. Abuse of Alcohol

Dartmouth alumna Ravital Segal, a former pledge of Kappa Kappa Gamma, said that she was blindfolded and ordered to drink a 64-oz. water bottle of spiked punch and vodka shots and then she was pushed out of the car. She woke up with bruises and broken teeth in the hospital and she was .001 BAC away from coma.

12. Punch plus Vinegar

In 2009, Jasmine Johnson – a pledge of Delta Sigma Theta of the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga – claimed that she was punched in the face, squirted with vinegar in her eyes, and poured with ice cold water over her head. She was also smashed with eggs over her body and punched on the head and stomach, causing concussion and vaginal bleeding.

11. Elephant Walk

One of the many college hazing rituals is the “elephant walk,” which has 3 forms. These include the following: (a) males walk in a straight line with every person putting one thumb in their mouth and the other thumb inside the anus of the person in front of them; (b) males walk in a straight line holding onto the (erect) penis of persons behind and in front of them; and (c) males walk in a straight line holding onto the (erect) penis of the males behind them and at the same time putting one thumb into the anus of the males in front of them.

10. Crossing Bus C

On November 19, 2011, drum major Robert Champion and other pledges took part in a hazing ritual known as the “Crossing Bus C” in which they were made to run from one end of the bus to another while other members hit and kicked them. If any pledges fell, they were stomped, picked up, and forced to do the run again. Champion left the bus to vomit but was forced to go back to the bus again; then he collapsed and died an hour after due to severe internal bleeding.

9. Calisthenics

In 2002, Kristin High and Kenitha Saafir – students of California State University, Los Angeles, and pledges of Alpha Kappa Alpha – were ordered to do hours of calisthenics on the beach and then walk backward toward the ocean. When Kenitha was swept out by a wave, Kristen went after her, but they both drowned.

8. Padding

In 2010, a pledge of Sigma Gamma Rho sorority was allegedly being beaten with paddles. She was severely injured and had to be taken to the hospital. She eventually pressed charges and six girls were arrested.

7. Crab Boil

On May 6, 2008, frat brothers of Tulane University’s Pi Kappa Alpha made a mixture of cayenne pepper, flour, wasabi sauce, vinegar, and boiling water during the school’s Hell Night. Then they poured this on the backs, chests, and genitals of their pledges, which lasted for more than five hours, according to police reports. Two pledges suffered second- and third-degree burns.

6. Liver Swallowing

The members of the Kappa Sigma in 1959 at the University of Southern California forced their pledges to swallow pieces of a liver with a size of a club sandwich without chewing. Richard Swanson, one of the pledges, choked and died two hours later.

5. Alcohol Intoxication

On December 1, 2008, Carson Starkey, pledging for Sigma Alpha Epsilon of California Polytechnic State University, participated in the tradition known as the “brown bag night,” where pledges are required to drink whatever the Greek leaders put in the brown bag. Starkey had to consume cans of Sparks, a bottle of rum, and Everclear in a matter of minutes. Eventually, Starkey passed out and was left on a mattress in the frat where he died.

4. Reverse Hazing

On February 25, 2011, George Desdunes, a 19-year-old member of Cornell University’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon, was kidnapped in a reverse-hazing ritual and tied up with a duct tape and zip ties by freshman pledges. He was blindfolded and asked questions about the fraternity, and he was force-fed vodka, hot sauce, Pixy Stix, chocolate powder, and dish soap for incorrect answers. Then he was vomiting intermittently and in the morning, he was found dead in a couch.

3. Loss of Testicle

At the Gobbler House, the house of Wilmington College’s Gamma Phi Gamma, pledges were blindfolded and ordered to strip and lie on the floor and imitate a swimming action. And then an “icy hot” substance was applied to their nipples, back, buttocks, and scrotum and they were whipped with towels. The 19-year-old Tyler Lawrence ended up having his testicle removed in the hospital due to “damage caused to him when he was struck by a towel.”

2. Water Torment

Pledges of Chi Tau fraternity from California State University, Chico, were forced to drink five gallons of water while being drenched in ice water and having fans blow cold air on them and were forced to do a strenuous exercise and were not allowed to go to the bathroom. After passing out from hypothermia, one pledge died from swelling of the brain due to water intoxication.

1. Vomit Omelets

In a controversial op-ed in the school newspaper, Dartmouth College alumnus and Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) member Andrew Lohse described some of his experiences as a pledge. These include swimming in a kiddie pool of urine, fecal matter, rotten food products, vomit, and semen; eating omelets made of vomit; and drinking beer flowing down his fellow pledges’ butt cracks.

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