35 Most Incredible Superpowers

We rank the most incredible superpowers in the world, from the most common to some more obscure ones you may not have heard of,

35. Talking to animals

You guys, I would LOVE to be able to talk to my dogs and cats. I've brought it up before and people are always like, "No way! They'll get annoying eventually." Well, so do people. Boy, do they ever.

34. Sublimination

I guess being able to turn into mist like Dracula is cool, but what if someone inhales you? That's always terrified me when I read about fictional characters who could do that. What if you transform back and you're missing an arm? And then some guy dies because he breathed in your arm, and it's now sitting in his lungs?

33. Shape shifting

Whether you're turning into an animal or another human, this is a really cool and useful superpower. Especially if you're becoming another human. Or just changing your hair color without frying it.

32. Teleportation

This one's much more useful than any of the other superpowers in the "get to work for free and on time" category, but it's not anywhere near as cool as flying.

31. Necromancy

Nothing beats having your own army of the dead to do your bidding. Even though necromancy is typically reserved for the bad guys, I think a superhero could do it too. I mean, they're dead. What do they care what happens to their bodies?

30. Technopathy

If you could control technology, you might be able to force that stupid computer to work right again.

29. Magnetism

This power would only be helpful if you could turn it off. Imagine if everything metal came flying towards you all the time. On the other hand, you'd never lose your car keys again. But you probably couldn't carry any credit cards.

28. Phasing through walls

Be able to walk in on everyone, doing anything, anytime! Embarrass your entire family!

27. X-Ray vision

There are two kinds of people when it comes to X-ray vision: the perverts who would look at people naked, and those who would use it to win on game shows. I am both.

26. Possession

Satan can do it, but I bet I could do it better. I'd make really famous people say stupid and ridiculous things. Not Jim Carey, though. He already does that.

25. Mind control

This is one of the most dangerous superpowers that could fall into the wrong hands. Fortunately I'd just use it to get everything for free.

24. Telepathy

If you could communicate telepathically with someone, you could speak to them without even opening your mouth. Sure beats passing notes in class.

23. Night vision

Wouldn't it be great to see perfectly in the dark, but without lugging around heavy night vision goggles? You can see them, but they can't see you. Creepy.

22. Precognition

What are the lottery numbers for next week? When is that jerk you always sit across from on the subway going to kick the bucket? How can you stop crimes right before they happen instead of just fighting the bad guys once the deed is already done?

21. Medium powers

And of course by medium powers I mean the ability to speak to the dead, not powers that are better than small powers but not as good as large ones.

20. Superhuman intelligence

Think of the grant money you could get to work on projects! Also all the stuff you could do for humanity and such.

19. Breathing underwater

I would personally love to be able to swim around on the ocean floor without needing to worry about my oxygen supply. If you throw in not being sensitive to pressure or saltwater getting in my eyes, I'm totally on board.

18. Climbing walls

But without any fancy equipment. Just your hands. Maybe there's some sticky substance they excrete that makes it all possible. Hopefully something less gross than that, though.

17. Thermal vision

It would be as if you were a Predator. A much cooler one than the regular kind of predators humans are.

16. Sonic scream

Of all the superpowers out there, this one is the most annoying. And you know what? It just might be real. How many people out there get on your nerves with their voices? Just pray you don't ever hear them scream.

15. Hair power

What I'm talking about here is the ability to control your own hair, like it's made of tentacles or something. I don't know, grab stuff with it. Tell me I'm not the first person to think of this .

14. Immortality

Living forever is nothing to scoff at. Of course, unless you manage to survive the death of the sun in a couple billion years and you're just floating in space until the inevitable heat death of the universe. Let's hope you don't survive that, because who knows what happens next. A universe inhabited by nothing but Steve Urkel unicorns could come into being.

13. Healing

Whether you can heal others or have self generating powers like Wolverine, healing is certainly one of the most awesome superpowers.

12. Self duplication

Like the humble amoeba, someone who can self duplicate would be able to reproduce just by splitting in half. It'd be great for keeping all those appointments you were guilted into making.

11. Animal powers

Not turning into an animal like mentioned above, but just having the abilities of a specific animal--the night vision and agility of a cat, or the web slinging skills of a spider.

10. Spitting acid

Spitting on someone is disgusting enough as it is, but if your spit also melted their face? Get out of here.

9. Laser vision

Like Superman in Man of Steel, you'd be able to shoot your own light sabers right out of your eyes. You could cleave someone in half just with an angry look AND cauterize the wound.

8. Canceling out someone else's superpowers

How rude would this be? I mean, someone's like, "You'll never defeat me! I have heat vision." and you're all, "Nope, not anymore."

7. Super strength

You could carry all of your groceries in with just one trip! Or, you know, crush bad guys.

6. Super speed

A very useful superpower, but not as useful as say, flight. You'd probably get all sweaty if you tried running everywhere, no matter how fast you were doing it.

5. Lightning

I'm pretty sure you could short circuit some important things. And just think, all you'd have to do is lean against the same handrail as someone you wanted to murder!

4. Fire

Breath it, shoot if from your, fingertips, it doesn't matter. Fire is the most destructive and out of control of the natural forces.

3. Flight

Just think of all the gas you would save if you could just fly everywhere. Sure, you'd probably have to wear multiple layers of clothing and do your hair after you get to work, but you wouldn't even need to own a car.

2. Time Travel

Imagine being able to go back in time and fix everything you ever screwed up. Or you know, just stop the bad guy from being born. If crime fighting is your thing.

1. Money

Yes, money is totally a superpower, and the only one that actually exists in our universe. Batman, anyone?

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